The Black Panther Movie Breaks The Record For Most Pre-Sold Tickets For Marvel Cinematic Universe

Who knew that The Black Panther movie would be such a hit? Even though fans were hyping about it for quite some time now, no one knew the impact of it. A movie retailer is now revealing that the movie has pre-sold more tickets than any other in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Online retailer Fandango’s editor Erik Davis has reported that The Black Panther movie has broken the record of most pre-sold tickets for the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Fandango. Before it, Captain America: Civil War held the record, which was released in May 2016. Coincidentally the Black Panther was in this movie too.

Davis said :

Black Panther is riding an incredible wave of momentum right now. It’s one of the biggest and most anticipated movies to ever open in the month of February, and its trailers have electrified the Internet. Tickets have been going fast ever since pre-sales started on Fandango late Monday.”

Later, Fandango revealed a behind the scenes video of The Black Panther movie as well as an exclusive interview with the movie’s director Ryan Googler. In this interview, Googler states that the movie is clearly influenced by James Bond and says about the different character The Black Panther movie has from any other Marvel movie:

As technology has advanced, you get to the point that you feel like you’ve seen everything, you know what I mean? When you get the opportunity to see something different or something new or to see something that’s through a different lens, I think that can be incredibly exciting.

I feel like we’ve seen a lot at this point. I think that the cultural element of [Black Panther] — and how cultural specificity takes such a big role in the film – that’s what makes it quite unique.

The Black Panther movie is coming to cinemas on February 16th. Will you be there for the premiere?

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