Black Ops: How to Beat George Romero in Call of the Dead

Finally put Georgie to rest in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Ever wonder who the weird guy lurking in the water in Call of the Dead is? That’s George Ramero, one of the most feared characters in Call of Duty: Black Ops. This guy is a formidable enemy constantly lurking around the map, proving to be a never-ending nuisance.

Although George may be a tough and relentless enemy, he is a very kind-hearted person(he drops good loot as a reward for beating him). But, these rewards might be some of the toughest rewards you can get, because most players would rather not play the game than fight him.

If that’s you, then you’re in luck. We’ve got a few tips and tricks that would make beating George in Call of the Dead a piece of cake.

Did You Know

You can find George Ramero’s glasses in the lighthouse in Tag Der Toten. Interacting with them rewards each player with 500 points and a quote from him.

How to beat George Ramero in Call of the Dead

Killing George in Call of the Dead is a troublesome and daunting process, but is it really worth it? If you find him annoying, difficult to deal with, and want to get rid of him completely, it’s better to not bother him at all because that cannot happen.

Players need to keep in mind that they cannot get rid of George Ramero for good, as each time they kill him, he will only go away for the current round and the next, after which he returns. But, killing George causes him to drop a Death Machine and a Random Perk Bottle.

Although the Perk you get from it is random, the overall rewards are worth it if you are dealing with the boss the correct way and not just blasting him with any weapon you have. Doing that will make you run out of ammunition sooner than you think.


If you have a Stand-in or the Ensemble Cast achievement while playing solo and you defeat George, he will drop a Lightning Bolt, Wunderwaffe DG-2 instead of the Death Machine.

Before taking on Romero, keep in mind that he has an insane amount of HP. At the base level, he has 250,000 HP if you are playing solo, but increases by that amount for each player in the game. This means that in a party of four, Ramero will have 1,000,000 HP, and will likewise be significantly harder to beat.

With the health pool being ridiculously large and the ammo so few, the only main thing that you will have to focus on to defeat Ramero will be your weapons. Luckily for you, we have a few selections.


The V-R11 Lazarus can one-shot George, but he will go away for the current round and return in the next. Moreover, getting rid of him this way doesn’t drop any rewards as well, which is why it is only recommended for higher rounds.

Best weapons to use against George

Your best bet to defeat Romero will be to wait until you have the D115 Disassembler. You can get this weapon by Pack-a-Punching the Dragunov. This weapon is important because it has the most amount of damage for headshots, amounting to 10,000 per shot.

This means that you will be able to take down Ramero with just 25 headshots with this weapon if you are playing solo. Just make sure not to miss any shots because ammunition is hard to come by. In a party, this won’t be enough because, as mentioned before, Ramero has more HP, and will hence take more shots.

Alternatively, you can also use a Pack-a-Punched Galil or FAMAS. These weapons have 5x headshot multipliers and can deal insane amounts of damage to George. If you don’t have a PaP yet, then you may consider weapons like the RPK, H21, Scavenger Death Machine, etc. to deal high damage to the guy.

The L115 Isolator is also an excellent weapon to use against George, dealing headshot damage equal to that of the D11 Disassembler. The only downside to this weapon is its lower mag capacity and rate of fire, but is still a great weapon to use.

As you start dealing damage to Ramero, his stage light will turn to a flashing orange. This indicates that his health is now around 50% to 70%. Further damage will cause it to turn completely orange, indicating a health of around 25% to 50%. Finally, when he is about to die, the light will flash more often and will often turn black.

Tips and tricks to defeat George

Your go-to strategy to defeat George Ramero in Call of the Dead will be selecting the appropriate weapons for the fight. But, such weapons won’t always be available. In such a case, there is one thing you can do, but you must have a lot of Points stacked for it.

To get those points, you can knife George 2 or 3 times when he is in the water and then flee away. If you time it right, you won’t take any hits. With enough points accumulated, run toward a Mystery Box and lure the boss with you.

Here, you can run around the Mystery Box whilst shooting at Ramero. When you run out of ammunition, you can simply interact with the Mystery Box to get a new weapon and continue damaging the boss. This method isn’t very reliable, because the weapons you get are random so you may get a bad one.

To make things even simpler, try to make George stay inside the water. This will not only slow him down but also keep him out of the Berserk state, which can be very dangerous.

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