Black Ops Cold War Zombies Die Maschine Easter Egg Walkthrough 

In this Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Easter Egg Walkthrough, we’ll be showing you the necessary steps that need to be completed to access a secret boss fight! 

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War comes with everyone’s favorite game mode; Zombies! You’ll find a number of new intriguing things in this Zombie game-mode, along with a very curious Easter Egg. 

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Die Maschine Easter Egg

To gain access to the super-secret Die Maschine Easter Egg in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, you’ll have to go through a total of 9 steps before you can finally face off against the boss in Cold War Zombies. 

There’s a lot of running around in Die Maschine in Blops Cold War, so you better buckle up and get ready to run some errands. 

DIE Maschine Wonder Weapon

To find the wonder weapon, you’ll have to perform the following steps. 

  • Turn on the power. 
  • Build a Pack-A-Punch in Dark Aether. 
  • Defeat the glowing radioactive Zombie in the later waves to find a Golden Keycard.
  • Go to the Weapons Lab and put your Keycard in to get the Remote Control. 
  • Go to the Nacht Der Untoten building to find a machine in a room. 
  • Activate it by standing next to the hole in the wall. 
  • Bring a few zombies to the machine so it can suck their lives. 
  • Once it has absorbed enough zombies, interact with it. 
  • The machine will explode and the door will blow off.
  • Pick up the D.I.E. Shockwave from the corpse. 

Upgrade to Cryo-Emitter

  • Go to the roof of the Nacht Der Untoten building.  
  • Shoot the wooden box and go back down to find an empty flask where it lands.
  • You will find a tree next to this flask, and a mushroom will be growing alongside it. 
  • Stand near the mushroom, and bait a boss zombie to shoot you. 
  • Put the flask under the mushroom as it leaks to collect all the liquid. 
  • Pick up the flask when it’s ready, and make your way to the infirmary (Med Bay). Melt the chains off of the crate and upgrade your weapon to the Cryo-Emitter. 

Upgrade to D.I.E. Nova-5

  • Get the D.I.E. Shockwave once again and grab the canister from the top of Nacht Der Untoten. 
  • Go to the basement in Weapons Lab and put the canister in the tanks. 
  • Make it absorb the gas. As you’re doing this, a plague hound will try to attack you; kill it to proceed. 
  • Once the gas is absorbed, pick the canister up again and go to spawn. 
  • Put the canister on the box with the vines and shoot it. 
  • Upgrade to the D.I.E. Nova-5. 

Make the Aetherscope

Go into the Dark Aether in Cold War Zombies to find Aetherscope Parts. 

All three of the required parts can spawn in either of the three locations below. 

  • Crash Site 
  • Pack-A-Punch 
  • Spawn 

After acquiring all of the parts during your brief adventure in the Dark Aether. Go to the bench near the Particle Accelerator and build your Aetherscope! 

Turn on Vogel’s Computer

  • Find Doctor Vogel’s Diary in the Medical Bay while in the Dark Aether. 
  • Interact with the spirit right below you to find Vogel’s ghost. Interact one more time to give the ghost his diary. 
  • Vogel will talk to you, however, zombies will not stop spawning, so be careful.
  • Talk to Vogel again in the Control Room. 
  • Interact with Vogel one final time near the buildable bench. 
  • You will now have the computer password from Vogel. 
  • Go to the computer terminal where you initially discovered Vogel’s diary. 
  • Enter the password. 
  • Voila! 

Unlocking Vogel’s computer gives us access to the final two weapon upgrades that we need in Blops Cold War. 

Make the D.I.E. Electrobolt

  • Use the Dark Aether portal that spawns near you (Make sure to only use this portal, and not the other one). 
  • Take out the energy from the three crystals to acquire a powered up D.I.E. Shockwave shot. 
  • The first crystal is in the Crash Site. Once you have this one, go back near your entry point and shoot the case with the three lights. 
  • The second crystal is at the top of Nacht Der Untoten. After sucking the energy, go to the case again and shoot it. 
  • Go to the Pond to find the final crystal, and shoot the same case for the third and last time. 

Upgrade to D.I.E. Thermophasic

  • Enter through the Dark Aether portal near the pond. 
  • Grab the fuse from under the crashed plane once it floats up. 
  • Go to the Weapons Lab and put the fuse in the Plasma Cutter. 
  • G back to the overworld and upgrade to the D.I.E. Thermophasic from the crate found at the top of the truck near the Pond. 

Decontaminate the Subject

  • The computer will point out that it’s lacking the sufficient amount of power required to keep itself running. 
  • Shoot the tube above you in the med bay with each of your upgraded wonder weapons. 
  • Just shoot all of your upgrades, until one of them works. 
  • Go into the Dark Aether again and head to the top floor. 
  • Interact with the spirit. 
  • You will find out that two soldiers stole an item, and you will be thrown back into the overworld. Pick up the Dark Aether Wrench on the ground. 
  • Go to the Tank in the yard and interact with it a few times to make a Zombie come out of the hatch. 
  • Kill the Zombie. 
  • Make a Semtex and stick it on the hatch. 
  • The Tank will fire a shot at the tree at the Crash Site.  
  • Pick up the Decontamination Agent. 
  • Go to where you picked up the Dark Aether Wrench and put the Decontamination Agent into the case. 
  • Wait for a radioactive boss zombie to spawn, and take him to the Med Bay. He will be sucked inside once dead. 
  • Return to the computer and activate the operation. This will turn the zombie into Orlov, a normal human. 
  • Go back to the Dark Aether and into the Nacht Der Untoten building. Talk to Orlov, the guy who was turned into a human back when you powered up the tube. 

Interact with him and a cutscene will start prior to the boss fight in Cold War Zombies. 

Final Boss Fight

  • Pick up Orlov’s family photo from where his spirit originally was. Doing so, will start the boss fight. You will be teleported into the Pack-A-Punch room along with Orlov. 
  • Orlov will recognize his family and will want to shut down the Particle Accelerator. 
  • Utilize your wonder weapons to take care of the boss zombies. 
  • Protect Orlov. Follow him around, and prioritize the Boss Zombies. 
  • After you complete this phase, you will be prompted to escape the facility. 
  • Make your way to the helicopter, while avoiding all the electricity. 
  • Head to the Control Room, then the Tunnel, and out to the Crash Site. Continue until you reach the Pond. 
  • Interact with the Helicopter and you will have completed the Easter Egg. 

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