Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Die Maschine Easter Egg Guide

The Die Maschine Easter Egg is a real test of your nerves and zombie-killing skills!

The Die Maschine Easter egg is a welcome addition to Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Like many other Easter Eggs, there is a plethora of objectives and activities to perform. These activities mostly remain the same, where you will be unlocking pack-a-punch, doing inter-dimensional traveling, and grabbing some amazing weapons.

The guide below covers a step-by-step procedure to complete the Die Maschine Easter Egg in Cold War Zombies.

Step #1: Turn on the Power

The first step in completing the Easter Egg is to turn on the power. You will have to get past a few doors and barricades until reaching the Medical Bay. After which, you will need to go into the Particle Accelerator, from where you’ll start getting the location of the power switch marked on the map.

Once you get into the control room, you will be able to turn on the power and proceed to the next steps.

Step #2: Unlock Pack-A-Punch

Now that the power is turned on, it’s time to find and unlock the Pack-a-Punch Machine. You are required to do multiple activities for this purpose.

First, you will interact with the terminals at both ends situated in the Particle Accelerator. As the Dark Aether Anomaly occurs, go inside to reach another dimension and enter the Aether Tunnel.

You can now spot three Aether Portals at the Crash Site, each costing 500 points to enter. To reach the Crash Site where these tunnels are, keep following the Aether Tunnel until you reach the upper surface. You will see a portal right in front, entering which will take you to a new room.

Pick the missing machine part from the room and bring it to the Particle Accelerator. Fix the Pack-A-Punch machine using the part, and teleport back to the real world of Cold War Zombies Die Maschine.

Step #3: Get the D.I.E Machine Shockwave Wonder Weapon

At the start of the next round, you will face the radioactive zombie (Megaton Boss), who can split into two. One of its body parts drops a golden keycard after dying. It will remain in your inventory for the rest of the game.

After getting the keycard, you can immediately go to Weapons Lab, situated above the Deadshot Daiquiri Perk Machine in Die Maschine. There, go to a drawer with a blinking red light, and insert the keycard. You will be given the D.I.E Remote Control.

Go to the Nacht Der Undertoten building. On the first floor of its Living Room, you will see a small stone room with a skeleton and a glowing light. Use the remote to activate the D.I.E Machine.

It will act as a mini-trap and you have to get a certain number of kills (nearly 30) here. Simply, get some of the zombies to chase you, and take them to this mini-trap room. It will suck them inside and you kill count will keep increasing.


Not all zombies are sucked by Die Machine, so be careful when dealing with larger hordes.

Once the required number of zombies are killed, the door will blast, and you can go ahead into the room to collect the D.I.E Shockwave Wonder Weapon.

Now, you have to get all four Wonder Weapon Variants or Upgrades of D.I.E Shockwave Wonder Weapon. Two of these will be before accessing Vogel’s Computer, while the remaining two will be obtained after that.

Step #4: Unlock D.I.E Cryo-Emitter Wonder Weapon

Go to the Penthouse on the roof of the Nacht Der Undertoten building.  There, shoot the wooden box and go back down to find an empty flask where it lands.

You will find a tree next to this flask, and a mushroom will be growing alongside it. Stand near the mushroom, and bait a Megaton zombie to shoot at you.

Put the flask under the mushroom as it leaks to collect all the liquid, and pick up the flask when it’s filled.

Finally, get to the infirmary (Med Bay) and melt the chains off of the crate to upgrade your Wonder Weapon to the Cryo-Emitter.

Step #5: Unlock D.I.E Nova-5 Wonder Weapon

To get the D.I.E Nova-5 Wonder Weapon, you need to head to the Mezzanine in Nacht Der building. At the end of the building, you’ll see a golden canister placed on a table inside an inaccessible room. Use your Wonder Weapon to suck it and then bring it to the Weapons Lab.

Place the canister inside the white tank at the corner of the lab. The toxic gas will start accumulating inside it. Meanwhile, a Plaguehound will aggressively attack you, so be ready to tackle this monstrous problem.

Once the canister is filled with gas, take it to the plane crash area where there’s a weapon crate. Place the gas on the crate and then shoot it with your gun to acquire the D.I.E Nova-5 Wonder Weapon.

Step #6: Build the Aetherscope

Now, it’s time to make the Aetherscope. To do so, you need to head into the Dark Aether in Cold War Zombies Die Maschine and find the required Parts. 

All three of the Aetherscope parts spawn interchangeably in the three locations below. 

  • On the wing of the plane at the crash site. 
  • In the Particle Accelerator room, near the fast travel point.
  • Outside Nacht Der Undertoten building, under the stairs. 

After acquiring all of the parts during your brief adventure in the Dark Aether, go to the workbench near the Particle Accelerator and build the Aetherscope. 

Step #7: Turn on Doctor Vogel’s Computer

Make your way to Dark Aether and find Doctor Vogel’s Diary in the Medical Bay. It will be placed on the desk beside an old computer. As you grab the diary, there will be three anomalies in the aether dimension.

Your task now is to interact with these anomalies (blue glowing orbs) one by one.

  • The first anomaly is right behind the Speed Cola perk room in Medical Bay. Hold X to interact and you will see Vogel taking the diary from you.
  • For the second anomaly, go to the Control Room and interact with the Doctor’s ghost again.
  • The third anomaly is in the Particle Accelerator room, right in front of the workbench where you crafted Aetherscope.

Don’t forget that you will constantly be chased by zombies during the whole process of interacting with Doctor Vogel’s ghosts.

Having spoken to all three anomalies, you will now have the computer password from Vogel. Exit the Dark Aether and head to the computer terminal in Medical Bay (the same spot where we found the diary), in the real world.

Enter the password to turn on the computer, which will activate the large canister in the Speed Cola room. The four arms of this device need to be shot with four Wonder Weapon elemental upgrades. We already have two; the remaining two will be acquired in a bit.

Step #8: Unlock D.I.E Thermophasic Wonder Weapon

To get the Thermophasic variant of the Wonder Weapon, make your way to the Dark Aether portal appearing at the pond area. Make sure to only use this portal, and not the other one.

Go to the crashed plane site to spot a box under the floating plane. Hit the box to receive a fuse from inside, and take it to the Weapons Lab. Place the fuse in the Plasma Cutter, and you will be done for now.

It’s time to return to the real world and approach the same pond area where we entered the Dark Aether portal. Hop on the truck and open the weapon crate to acquire the D.I.E Thermophasic Wonder Weapon upgrade.

Step #9: Unlock D.I.E Electrobolt Wonder Weapon

Go to the Particle Accelerator room and enter the Dark Aether portal (Anomaly) situated beneath Pack-A-Punch. You have to absorb the energy from three yellow crystals and hit the weapon crate.


Make sure your Wonder Weapon isn’t full with ammo and has some place to absorb the energy. You can use the absorb function using the aim button.

  • One crystal is placed on the ground near the tunnel’s entrance at the crash site. Once you have this one, go back near your entry point and shoot the weapon crate with the three lights.
  • The second crystal is at the top of Nacht Der Undertoten. After sucking the energy, go to the crate again and shoot it.
  • Go to the Pond to find the final crystal, and shoot the same crate for the third and last time.

This will cause the weapon crate to open, giving you the D.I.E Electrobolt Wonder Weapon upgrade. 

Step #10: Shoot the Canister in the Speed Cola Room

Now that we have acquired all four upgrades of the Wonder Weapon in Die Maschine, it’s time to shoot the large blue canister that we activated by turning Doctor Vogel’s computer. Go to the Speed Cola room and shoot the colored corners of the canister with the corresponding elemental upgrades.

When each corner is shot with the correct ammo type (fire, ice, lightning, and gas), this step will have been completed.

Step #11: Get Wrench and then Shoot the Tank

After shooting the canister with all the Wonder Weapons, use the Aether portal near the Particle Accelerator to enter the other dimension.

Approach the Anomaly near the red case (Containment Unit), right behind the portal spot. Interacting with the anomaly will spawn two ghosts. You will learn that these were the soldiers who stole some items. Return to the real world, and you will spot a Dark Aether Wrench on the floor.

Bring the Wrench to the spawn area of the map and use it multiple times on the side of the rusty Tank. A zombie will pop out at the top, which should be killed. After that, head to the craft station at the spawn and craft a Frag Grenade or Semtex. 

Throw the Frag Grenade or Semtex at the top (hatch) of the tank, which will make the tank fire a shot at a tree. Approach the fallen tree to collect the Decontamination Agent.

Step #12: Decontaminate the Subject using Decontamination Agent

Take the Decontamination Agent to the spot where we collected the Wrench and put it in the Containment Unit (red case).

Wait for the Megaton zombie to spawn and let it split itself into two parts. Feed these parts to the large canister one by one. The parts will automatically be sucked once you lure them beneath the canister.

Once this is done, your team must go up to the viewing deck in the Med Bay and you will activate the computer to fuse those halves back together. The resultant product will be a newly formed human named Orlov, who will try to run from the place as soon as he breaks free.

Follow his path until he reaches the power room, and you will see the lights shutting down. At this point, be prepared for a ton of Plaguehounds and Megaton zombies attacking you in hordes.

It’s time to go into the living room of Nacht Der Undertoten and enter the Anomaly (Dark Aether dimension). Make your way to the corner of Nacht Der Undertoten to observe another Anomaly. Interacting with it will reveal the ghost of Orlov, who will give you a picture of his family, which you need to pick to progress to the next step.


We are now very close to completing the Die Maschine Easter Egg. There is no going back from this point, so you should get set up with everything you need, including Perks, armor, and Pack-A-Punch, etc.

If you have multiple teammates, we recommend them having the Fire and Electric Wonder Weapon upgrades as these will be very useful in the final boss fight.

After picking up the family photo, you will be kicked out of the Dark Aether realm. You will be instantly teleported to Pack-A-Punch room and locked in here with Orlov. He will have a blue health bar, indicating he’s friendly and not going to hurt you. He will inform you that he wants to shut down the Particle Accelerator.

The boss fight begins now!

Step #13: Die Maschine Easter Egg Final Boss Fight

This is not a boss fight where you have to face a large monstrosity having ultimate powers. Your main task is to keep Orlov alive until the end while fighting hordes of zombies.

This fight only consists of a few zombie spawns, a few Plaguehounds, some heavy zombies, and a ton of Megaton bombers. Each of these can obviously split into two Megaton bombers, which means you are up against dozens of enemies in this area.

How to Win the Boss Fight

The first thing you have to make sure is that everyone in your team has a Wonder Weapon. They should also focus on killing the Megaton bosses.

These creatures are not easy to get rid of, so prioritize eliminating these at the first place to make your life easier. Every Megaton boss drops ammo upon elimination, so this is another reason to kill them first


You can use the D.I.E Nova-5 Wonder Weapon to surround Orlov with toxic gas. It will help you keep zombies away from him.

The best strategy to win the boss fight in Die Maschine Easter Egg (in case of team play) is that three members of a team should be handling zombies, while one of them should be asked to save Orlov.

Keep running back and forth around him while he deactivates the Machine from three different locations. The last bit of the boss fight can be made much easier by using Aether Shroud. 

Step #14: Die Maschine Easter Egg Exfil

Once the Particle Accelerator is deactivated, Orlov will inform you that it’s all wrapped up and you should be leaving now. You need to get to an Exfil that will be marked on your map. Be very careful, as the whole area will be devastated by bolts of lightning that can pretty much one-hit kill you.

If you have got Stamin-Up perk, this running process may be a little easier for you. You are given a short time of 1:30 minutes to escape the area. That’s why we recommend having the Aether Shroud, which can lift off much of the zombie burden from your shoulders.


Only one of your teammates needs to reach the chopper. So, if one or more of your friends dies or gets stuck while trying to do so, there’s hope that someone other might save the day.

As you successfully reach the chopper and Exfil in time, there will be a little cutscene as the chopper flies off. With that, you will have completed the Black Ops Cold War Zombies Die Maschine Easter Egg.

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