Black Ops Cold War Zombies Die Maschine Perk Machine Location Guide

This guide of ours contains all the information about Perk Machines in Black Ops Cold War Zombies Die Maschine map.

This includes details about the benefits that each Perk gives in CoD Cold War Zombies mode, their location and how to upgrade them.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Die Maschine Perk Machines

Perks are introduced back into the Zombies Mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

However, these are stored in cans instead of glass bottles this time and you can avail these cans from various Perk Machines available around the map.

There are a total of 6 Perks available in Cold War Zombies accessible through the Wunderfizz machine.

Each of the Perks is different from the other, with different sorts of benefits or effects.

So below is all the detail about each of the Perk type and their locations on Die Maschine in Cold War:

Machine Locations

Effect: Increased running and sprinting speed.

From the spawn area, head into the building in front of you. Take a right as you get inside and climb up the broken staircase that is to the right.

Go ahead straight as you enter and go through the door with a red light on it. Take a right a go straight until you face the broken wall and the Stamin-Up Perk Machine will be to your right.

Effect: Increases Max Health by 50%.

Head back from the Stamin-Up and exit through the door where you came from.

Climb up through the slope to the right that is made from a broken roof and then move in the opposite direction.

Jump down from the building then and the Juggernog will be right in front of you.

Quick Revive
Effect: Speeds up health regeneration time and ally reviving time by 50% each.

Head down the slope from the Juggernog’s location and move all the way towards the pond to find the Perk Machine of Quick Revive.

Speed Cola
Effect: Increased reload speed by 15%

From the Juggernog’s location, head towards the facility and go down. From here, take the first left, go ahead straight and climb down the staircase.

You will find the Speed Cola Perk Machine standing right beside the first pillar.

Elemental Pop
Effect: Every bullet is fired with a random base Ammo Mod effect.

Head into the main facility area and go up into the power room. There you will have the Elemental Pop Perk Machine.

Deadshot Daiquiri
Effect: Effect: ADS moves to enemy critical location as well as the scope sway is eliminated.

Instead of taking a left, as you entered the facility, take the right route and head down to the lowest section. You will find it there.

How to Upgrade Perks in CoD Cold War Zombies

Before you try upgrading a Perk, you need to see how many Raw Aetherium Crystals you have.

Raw Aetherium Crystals are crystals used as a special currency in the game.

You have many different uses for them, such as upgrading skills related to Filed Upgrades and Ammo Mods.

In order to earn these Aetherium Crystals, you should try reaching the fixed milestones in the game. Besides that, these crystals can also be earned through successful Exfiltration.

Once you have enough Crystals, head to the skills section under Loadout and then head down to Perks.

You will find all the 6 Perks here and most of these will not be able to be upgraded until the required level for their upgrade unlock is achieved.

So just rank up, gather Aetherium Crystals, and then rock on with upgrades.