Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Pack a Punch Machine Guide

Season two of the Black Ops Cold War starts with the release of Outbreak, which is an open-world Zombies experience. Outbreak also includes the ever-loved Pack-a-Punch machine! In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the Pack-a-Punch Machine in Black Ops Cold War Outbreak.

Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Pack a Punch Machine

The infamous Pack-a-Punch machine is used for upgrading weapons both in terms of damage and ammo in CoD’s Zombie game modes. You can easily recognize this machine and it is found as a single piece.

Outbreak is a bit different from the standard Zombies mode of CoD’s past, but finding it is more important than ever before!

Now let’s talk about where you will find this machine in the Black Ops Cold War Outbreak.

How to get the Pack-a-Punch Machine

This machine was not that easy to find in the typical zombie mode of the game. But since the Outbreak is a more open experience, it is not that difficult to find the Pack-a-Punch machine for weapon upgrading.

At the start of the Outbreak match, your team is given a task to complete. The task can be of any kind, like you have to kill someone, escort someone, defend something, or retrieve something. Your team can be asked to complete any objectives.


Once you have completed those objectives, you will go the anomaly anywhere on the map. After interacting with the anomaly, 4 stations will appear in front of you, including the Pack-a-Punch machine. The other things which appear include the Wunderfizz machine, crafting bench, and armory.

Now, this is your chance to get the machine by paying the essence. All the other things available for you cost the same as the Pack-a-Punch machine. If you have the points, you can use this machine for upgrading your weapons which will be very helpful for processing in the game.

Another way to get the Pack-a-Punch Machine

You may also find this machine randomly on the map after completing the primary objective, but this is not guaranteed.

You can look at the minimap and see whether there is any Pack-a-Punch machine available nearby or not since it appears as a small white icon on the map that just looks likes the machine. If you see that icon on the minimap you can go there and get the machine.

This concludes our Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Pack-a-Punch machine guide.

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