Black Ops: All Vodka Locations in Call of the Dead

Help Nikolai find his medicine in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

While solving the Call of the Dead Easter Egg in Black Ops, there comes a point when Nikolai instructs you to get a bottle of Vodka for him. Unfortunately for you, this bottle spawns randomly on the map.

Given the huge size of the map and the small size of the bottle, it is impossible to find it without any help. Moreover, since the game doesn’t tell you where it might be, it falls on us to help you out.

Where to Find Vodka Bottles in Call of the Dead

Finding the Vodka bottles in Call of the Dead is the third step in solving the Easter Egg in Black Ops. For this step, you need to find a Vodka bottle, knife it, and then stand below it to catch it. It would be better if you did this with a party so you have someone to catch the bottle.

After catching the bottle, you must then take it to the bunker where Nikolai is trapped and put it into the air tubes to the left of the door to hear a dialogue. If you fail to catch the bottle after knifing it, it will respawn in a different, random location around the map.

The Vodka bottles can spawn in four different locations in Call of the Dead. Each time you collect on, or fail to collect one, another will spawn randomly in one of these locations. Collecting them wall will reward you with the Ensemble Cast achievement.


If you beat George Romero while having the Ensemble Cast achievement, he will drop a Wunderwaffe DG-2 instead of the Death Machine.

The locations of the Vodka bottles are listed below.

  • On the corner of the railing, to the right of the Mystery Box spawn near the PhD Flopper room.
  • At the base of a railing, a little up the stairs from the PhD FlipperRoom.
  • From the spawn, run through the stairs on the wrecked ship and across the MPL on the wall, you should see the Vodka bottle in ice at the center of the railing.
  • Go to the part of the ship that is broken and provides a path to a lower level. Before dropping down, look down to your left and you will find the Vodka bottle.
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