Black Ops 4 Zombies Perks Guide

Black Ops 4 Zombies Mode can be a little tough, especially as you progress through and reach the higher waves. This is where BLOPS4 Perks come in and utilizing them to the full potential can drastically alter how well you perform in that wave. In our Black Ops 4 Zombies Perks Guide, we have discussed the abilities all these perks are able to provide.

Black Ops 4 Zombies Perks

There are 14 zombies perks in total. From these 14, you have a choice of selecting four before the match starts. It is these four perks that will appear from Perk-a-Cola(s) spread across the map.

In both “Aether” and “Chaos” story modes, you can find four Perk Machines. These machines are the Blue Brew, Red Cola, Green Soda, and Yellow Tonic.

The Tonic Machine is a bit special because it is the only one that lets you use the “Modifier” with the perk.

The modifiers are special bonuses to the existing perks which you can check out at the perks menu before a match.

Perks, when purchased, will lit up compared to other deactivated ones. Once you use them, some perks, like the Winter’s Wail and Dying Wish, will have a cooldown time so they will grey out before lighting up back again.

Moreover, you can choose which machine at a fixed location on the map will have which perk.

This is up to you and you can carry it out via the “Create a Class” menu. Once there, see how you will proceed through the map and where exactly will you need which perk.

You can assign any of the 14 Perks in the game in the starting area which grants more strategical freedom.

Of course, this was not the case before as in earlier games; the perk spawn was random across the machines. Keep in mind that the Jugger perk isn’t a part of the game anymore as there are only 4 perks on the map you can choose from.

Below, you may find descriptions for each of the listed perks in BLOPS4 Zombies:

Zombie Perks Effects
Bandolier Bandit The ammunition capacity for the weapon is increased.
Deadshot Dealer Multiple benefits. Insta-headshot kill while aiming down the sight, reduced sway while aiming, reduced recoil are some of the perks. Finally, even shooting from the hip will not be much inaccurate thanks to reduced spread.
Death Perception Mini-map shows enemies movement and walls reveal enemies through them when they are close to the player.
Dying Wish The player does not go into the downed state for revival; instead, the Berserk ability is activated. In such a state, the player will take no damage whatsoever. The effect lasts for 9 seconds and when it fully commences, the player is brought back to life with 1 HP left.
Electric Burst Whenever you reload a weapon near enemies, an electric shock is produced which stuns and damages enemies. The amount of damage depends on how empty the weapon was when you proceeded to reload it.
Mule Kick You gain an additional slot for carrying a primary weapon.
Phd Slider You can only utilize this special perk when you build a charge for it. This can be done by sliding down once. After that, you can slide again into enemies to cause explosive damage and resist those explosions yourself.
Quick Revive In addition to being revived quicker than usual, the rate of regenerating health is also increased.
Secret Sauce You acquire a perk randomly. Note that this random perk will not be one from those you have already selected to be in the machines from the perks menu.
Stamin-Up While your stamina will replenish much faster, you will also receive a boost in general movement speed and sprinting.
Stone Cold Stronghold For a short amount of time, you will generate armor and produce more damage thanks to a field created around you. Note that you will have to stay inside this circle for the effects to last.
Timeslip Equipment can be re-used faster because of increased cooldown rates. Trap and Fast Travel have shorter delays due to reduced cooldown times. Lastly, obtainable weapons from the Mystery Box and Pack-a-Punch will emerge quicker.
Victorious Tortoise Your shield will absorb damage from all angles and directions. Moreover, once the shield has taken enough damage to break down, it will do so while causing an explosion in the process that only damages the enemies nearby.
Winter’s Wail Cause an icy explosion whenever you receive melee damage. This frost explosion will temporarily freeze down most of the enemies and slow down ones that are more powerful.

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