Black Ops 4 Twitch Viewers Are Double Than Fortnite’s

Black Ops 4 Twitch streaming is doing really well as over 300K viewers are watching the game. Blackout mode is the most popular Battle Royale right now.

With the release of Black Ops 4 PUBG’s player base may have remained unaffected but Fortnite is seeing some trouble. Its Twitch viewership is strong but compared to Black Ops 4 it is quite low. At the time of this writing, Black Ops 4 has little over 300K Twitch viewers while Fortnite stands at 160K.

Black Ops 4 has close to double the number of viewers when compared to Epic’s Fortnite, a game that is was the biggest Battle Royale game in the world.

It is safe to Black Ops 4 is taking over and while we do not know where the concurrent player numbers stand, Black Ops 4 is the biggest launch for any Call of Duty. This speaks volumes about where the player base stands.

Black Ops 4 digital sales hit the highest number for day one sales in Activision’s history. The battle royale mode is the biggest contributing factor here. Overall, Black Ops 4 is estimated to sell over 23 million units. Piper Jaffray raised their estimate from 21 million to 23 million after the overwhelming response from the beta.

What do you get when you take the largest annual gaming franchise on Earth and combine it with the most popular new game mode? — We believe the answer is We believe the answer is earnings per share upside.

The pre-order numbers were high as well; according to the data, Black Ops 4 pre-orders were 85% ahead of rival Battlefield V.

Top 5 Most Viewed Games on Twitch

  • Black Ops 4 – 302,474
  • Fortnite – 159,236
  • League of Legends – 129,722
  • Just Chatting – 99,182
  • PUBG – 88,151

As we can see Black Ops is doing exceptionally well on the streaming scene and some of biggest streamers are playing the game right now. Do check out Ninja, Shroud, and Dr-Disrespect stream Black Ops on Twitch. Black Ops is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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