Black Ops 4 Scorestreaks Guide

Killing sprees.

Scorestreaks, also known as Killstreaks, are powerful abilities that you get as rewards for achieving killing sprees in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Each scorestreak requires you to gain a certain number of points in a match by either killing enemies or completing objectives. As noted before, you need to stay alive while accumulating points, because the best scorestreaks in BO4 require a lot of points.

Complete list of all scorestreaks in Black Ops 4

Do note that if you wear a COMSEC Device in one of your slots, you can call scorestreaks for an even cheaper price than the original.


Cost: 450
Cost with COMSEC: 350

Dart allows you to pilot an anti-personnel drone that can either be detonated remotely or upon impact. It is the cheapest scorestreak in BO4 but it can be somewhat tricky to utilize effectively. It has 3 flight modes and depending on how you play, it can even earn you one-shot kills. Moreover, it can not be countered by Flak Jacket.


Cost: 550
Cost with COMSEC: 450

Gives you the live location of enemies on the map. It can be planted anywhere on the map, is not immortal, and can be destroyed in a single shot.


Cost: 500
Cost with COMSEC: 400

This little remote-controlled car has been around for some time. You can drive this car and detonate it when you see the chance to kill your enemies like flies.

Care Package

Cost: 600
Cost with COMSEC: 500

Care Package contains a random scorestreak for you from the entire pool. Depending on RNG, you can acquire scorestreaks from the most expensive ones like The Gunship to something cheap like an RC-XD Car.

Counter UAV

Cost: 650
Cost with COMSEC: 550

As the name suggests, Counter UAV will find and counter the UAVs on the map by denying vision to your opponents. You can always call a Counter UAV to counter their Counter UAV. A counter-ception!


Cost: 850
Cost with COMSEC: 700

Rain down absolute terror upon your enemies with this scorestreak. Upon using this scorestreak, you will be given control of a missile that is falling in a linear motion.

You must aim this missile towards the enemy forces and see the damage it does. It is powerful but comes at a strong price. Hellfire Guided Missile costs 850 points for a single use which will be lowered down to 600 if you equip COMSEC.

Lightning Strike

Cost: 900
Cost with COMSEC: 700

Call upon the power of Zeus and unleash his fury upon your enemies through the miraculous feats of engineering. With Lightning Strike scorestreak, you should be able to deploy a drone that strikes three fixed locations once with a deadly zap that will eliminate any enemy it hits.


Cost: 900
Cost with COMSEC: 700

A spider-like bot that can be deployed in the game and controlled manually. This little bot is capable of shooting four deadly missiles in its lifespan.

Sentry Gun

Cost: 1000
Cost with COMSEC: 750

Perhaps the strongest scorestreak in BO4 if used correctly. Sentry Gun is the oldest scorestreak in the series. It has been around forever. The Sentry Gun is a turret that can be deployed at any area of the map and kills anyone in sight very quickly.

Players can destroy this turret but it takes too many sacrifices to do so. Heck, for a 1,000 points price point, this is the scorestreak you should try once a match. If you are a COMSEC Device user, you will get it for 750 points.

Attack Chopper

Cost: 1200
Cost with COMSEC: 950

Request a chopper for some points and it will automatically locate and kill enemies for you. You do not even have to do anything. If you have COMSEC Gear, 950 points are what you will have to sacrifice. Perhaps the easiest way to get EXP.

Strike Team

Cost: 1350
Cost with COMSEC: 1050

Two brave soldiers will come to your aid. They will hunt down enemies for you independently and you will get the score for an opponent’s death. Sounds pretty cool.

Thresher or Strafe Run

Cost: 1250
Cost with COMSEC: 1000

A jet! Works just like an EMP radial blast but instead of an EMP, the Jet will run across the map and destroy all bombs, rockets, bullets, and enemy advances for you.

It costs a massive 1,250 points or 1000 points if you want that discount as a COMSEC Device user.

Drone Squad

Cost: 1000
Cost with COMSEC: 800

As the name suggests, this scorestreak calls in 2 autonomous drones fitted with machine gun turrets. This is especially effective in Search and Destroy game modes as it will allow you to lock down certain objectives and areas by firing over cover, that you can normally not reach.

Sniper’s Nest

Cost: 1050
Cost with COMSEC: 850

This is without a doubt, one of the best scorestreaks that you can call in Black Ops 4, given you can manage to accumulate enough points. It allows you to call in 2 support helicopters with a sniper perched in each of them. These will automatically locate enemies and take them out for you.

The helicopters are armored which makes it harder for the enemy to take them down. Considering the cost, this is easily one of the most cost-effective scorestreaks as well.

The Gunship

Cost: 1600
Cost with COMSEC: 1350

The most expensive scorestreak in BO4, the Gunship allows you to mount a gunship’s gunner slot and use all of its weapons.

You have a whole minute to find and kill everyone on the map. You get the aerial view and thermal vision so nothing will be able to hide from you.

Use missiles, flares, and armor-piercing bullets to your advantage. This bad boy comes at a mind-blowing price point of 1,600 points for everyone without COMSEC and 1,350 points with COMSEC gear equipped.

How to use scorestreaks in Black Ops 4

Now that we know all about what scorestreaks can do in Black Ops 4, we should also know how to use them, right?

Unlike Killstreaks in previous games, you earn Scorestreaks based on your points instead of kills. Once again, do remember that you need to get a specific score without dying. If you die while trying to earn points, the points will reset. Therefore, risk the higher scorestreaks only if you think you can reach that point.

Once you have earned a scorestreak, you do not have to use it immediately though. Your scorestreaks will stack up as you earn higher points and will be displayed on the right side of your screen. When you feel the time is right, you can cycle through and select the scorestreak you want to use. 

Another interesting thing to note is that you can have different scorestreaks equipped from the rest of your teammates in Black Ops 4. Navigate to the scorestreaks menu before a match and edit your scorestreaks. You can equip up to 3 scorestreaks.

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