Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Prestige Guide – Max Prestige, How to Level Up Fast

Our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Prestige Guide will cover all that you need to know about how to level up fast and reach Max Prestige in BLOPS4.

In this Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Prestige Guide, we have discussed everything you need to know about leveling up fast and Prestiging alongside some tips and tricks you can use to increase your Prestige Rank.

Our Black Ops 4 Guide also covers how you can maximize your points gain while leveling. We have also gone into detail about what Prestige Tokens are, how to get them, and which weapons you should prioritize with Prestige Tokens.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Prestige

After your first Prestige, you will earn a Prestige Token whenever you reset your level. This Prestige Token will permanently unlock a Weapon, Perk, or a Specialist ability. Prestige Tokens will massively help you leveling faster and can get you a headstart.

Those of you who have played Black Ops 4 beta and managed to get Level 40 during the time will get a Prestige Token when they start the final version of the game.

What are Prestige Tokens?

Prestige Tokens are introduced in the Black Ops 4. You will earn one Prestige Token whenever you reset your level that you can use to perma-unlock a weapon or other things in the game.

As Prestige System was very popular among fans, it is re-introduced in Black Ops 4. Prestige System is a way of showing off or some might say brag about your achievements and dedication to the game. The Prestige tokens are shown in their proper order below:

Black Ops 4 Prestige

You do not want to spend your Prestige Tokens in a hurry, as it is better to unlock high-level items which can benefit you greatly even though they may not suit your style.

Here are two items that I think you should prioritize getting. The first one is Sword Fish that unlocks at Level 55 – an amazing steady weapon that will kill most people in a single burst. Even if it does not suit your playstyle, it will come in handy at times due to it being an insanely good weapon right now.

The second weapon to have is VAPR-XKG, arguably the best weapon in the game by far! As long as you are sticking from cover to cover, you should not have any difficulties with winning gunfights.

How to Level Up Fast

Since reaching Max Prestige is directly tied to earning huge amounts of XP and leveling up fast, it is crucial that you know what you are doing and focusing on things that maximize your XP gains.

However, do note that not a whole lot has changed since Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 when it comes to hitting Prestige 10 but we have still gone through a few handy tips and tricks to help you level up fast.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always try to focus on combining these methods in order to maximize your XP gains – do not just focus on a single thing.

For example, try to complete different challenges, experiment with different Specialists in a single game while racking up kills and securing objectives.

Completing Objectives

Like they say in Battlefield, PTFO! Completing objectives like planting/defusing bombs in SnD grants you a huge amount of XP. In Domination, capturing the flags will give you more than simply being a lone wolf and just focusing on kills.

Therefore, choosing the right game modes that focus on objectives will give you a lot more experience.

If you solely looking to level up fast, you should try to prioritize on game modes like Domination, Hardpoint, SND and avoid playing FFA and TDM.

Look at Challenges

There a lot of challenges in BLOPS4 Multiplayer and completing these challenges will grant you XP. These challenges can be completed over the course of multiple games that makes it a lot easier to complete them as you progress.

Challenges in the game are divided into multiple categories i.e. Weapon Challenges, Specialist Challenges, Attachment-related Challenges, and Kills-related challenges.

Completing a challenge should grant you XP in range of 500-1,500. Apart from that, completing a set of challenges should net a whopping 5,000 XP that is insane. Finally, try to track your challenges like in BLOPS3 as it would allow you to learn which challenges to focus on first.

Take Advantage of Double XP

There are many Double XP events hosted by Treyarch that hosts which provides additional XP during the course of the event.

You should always try to keep an eye out for these Double XP weekends that take place a lot during the early stages of the game. Apart from that, there are also a ton of Promotional Events that can boost your XP gains if you participate in them.

Scorestreaks and Kills

Lastly, the most obvious one is securing kills. Killing “Strikes” and “Mega Kills” can get you some XP as well. Assists will give you XP a bit less than what you get when killing. You will also gain XP with team-based scorestreaks like UAV and CUAV that grant vision to your team can net you a whole lot of XP, especially if you combo them together.