Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Modes Guide – Tips and Strategies to Dominate

Our Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Modes Guide will surely help you in learning different game modes in the game alongside tips and tricks for each BLOPS4 mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has 13 Multiplayer Modes and we have taken it upon ourselves to introduce you to all of these game modes and give you tips on how to perform better as a player in each game mode. Our Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Game Modes Guide will serve as a refresher to classic game modes and introduce you to newly introduced MP modes.

Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Modes

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is based entirely on multiplayer and has no singleplayer campaign. You can either play the classic game modes or vouch for the Zombies Mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer has eight different game modes and five of these game modes also have a “Hardcore” variant where players will enjoy lesser HP, more damage output, and a tougher experience overall.

Additionally, do note that there can only be a single BLOPS4 Specialist of each type per team in a 5 vs. 5 gameplay. If you are playing a game of 6 vs. 6, however, two players on each team can choose the same Specialist.

Apparently, Call of Duty listened to their fans and sorted out this long-running problem regarding Specialists.

Team Deathmatch

Team Death-Match or TDM is the traditional and staple game mode for all Call of Duty games. In Team Deathmatch, your team will be pit against the enemy team and your job will be to kill the enemy team as many times as possible within a time frame.


The team that has the most kills after the timer runs will become the victor. Alternatively, the first team to score 75 kills wins the round.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Treyarch has spiced things up a bit. Instead of the classical 6 vs. 6 combat in a Call of Duty game, the matches will now be traditional 5 vs. 5. This is to make the game more competitive and fair.

You can, however, enjoy 6v6 combat in the hardcore variant of Team Deathmatch. Named as “HC TDM”, the hardcore version of the game mode features 12 players being pit against each other to the death, and even beyond, until the timer runs out.

If you are a long-time Call of Duty player, you will know whether to go solo in a match or stick with your team. I would suggest you wander off on your own, learn each map and the game mode.


This game mode has been around for a pretty long time. It was first introduced in Call of Duty: United Offensive and has been a part of most Call of Duty games after that.

In a basic Domination match, five players are pit against each other, fighting to capture zones. Each zone control grants your team a point after a certain time period. The first team to reach 100 points will win.

This game mode is not for the weak-willed. You will have to capture a zone and protect it while also pushing the enemy team and capturing their zones.

There is also a hardcore variant of Domination dubbed as “HC Domination”. You will have way less health and enemies will easily be able to kill you. It is also applicable the other way around so be sure to give that a spin.

My one bit of advice would be to sneak on the enemies at the start of the round by moving across the map from the side and flanking them from behind. Then capture their zones.

It may be a bit risky so be sure to bring a friend with you for flanking. Frankly, Call of Duty is best played with a good friend. (or an enemy?)


Similar to Domination, the objective of Hardpoint is to find and capture a single objective. Two teams are pit against each other over a single objective that they have to capture and defend.

The team that scores 250 points first will win. Otherwise, the team with the higher objective score when the timer ends will win.

Do note that the objective changes every 60 seconds. This game mode features only 10 players pit against each other, in teams of two.

I would recommend you to stick with your team and move towards the objective slowly as a team. Rushing will only get you killed faster. Experiment on your own risk!


The amalgam of Domination and Hardpoint is Control. Two teams of five players each will be pit against each other and will have to fight to the death over two objectives. The objectives do not change their location.

Both teams spawn with 30 tickets that drop every time a person dies in that team. Both teams are given different objectives in this game round. One team is the Defenders and it has to defend the objectives for as long as they can.

Another team is the Attackers and it has to capture the objectives as fast as they can. The Control consists of five rounds and the team to win three of these rounds is the winner. Each round lasts 90 seconds.


Pretty similar to the classical gameplay of Counter-Strike. In the Heist game mode, your team of 5 brave soldiers will be pit against the enemy team of five braver soldiers.

Your objective will be to either eliminate the enemy team or to take control of the moneybag and get away with that money safely.

The enemy team will have the same objectives. You will spawn with 500$ and a Pistol and will earn your weapons by getting more money.

Earn more money by killing people or by bringing the moneybag back home. You can buy better weapons, *equipment*, and armor with more money. Additionally, you can also find first-aid kits and ammunition on the ground.

It is also important to note that the purchased items do not carry over in the next round and have to be purchased again. On top of that, you cannot use skills in this game mode.

Deathmatch / Free-For-All

Deathmatch is pretty similar to Team Deathmatch. Heck, even the name is pretty similar. Just like in the name, the only difference is that instead of fighting as a team, you will be fighting alone.

You will be pit against nine independent players and will have to kill each other until one of you reaches a kill count of 30.

The hardcore version of the mode is also available named “HC Free for All”. If you think you are the best in this game, this hardcore version will definitely prove your mettle.

Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed is also very similar to the classical Team Deathmatch. The overall gameplay for the game is the same; your team will have to kill the other team until the timer runs out or if you get a specific number of kills.

The difference is that, in order to win; you must “confirm” every kill. In the real militia, if a dog tag of a soldier is found, he is presumed dead. Similarly, you need to “confirm” a kill by killing the enemy and then taking his dog tag.

If you killed a player and did not take his dog tag, you can find the dog tag on the radar. If the enemy team is able to recover that dog tag, your team will be awarded no confirmed kill.

The game lasts until either of the team gets 60 confirmed kills. Otherwise, the team with the most confirmed kills in 600 seconds would be the winner.

Our advice will be to pick a short-range weapon, perhaps a shotgun, in this game mode. The maps are small. You also get a lot of experience from this game round. For each enemy’s dog tag you collect, you get 50 EXP. You should definitely try this mode if you want to Prestige fast.

Picking up allies’ dog tags will reward you 25 EXP. Enemy dog tags are marked in orange while allies’ dog tags are blue. A hardcore variant of this game mode “HC Kill Confirmed” is also available.

Search and Destroy

This is super similar to the classic game mode from Counter-Strike. One team arms a bomb at one of the two locations on the map and defends it.

The other team prevents the latter team from doing so and eliminates them. If the bomb is armed, they have to defuse it.

To win in this game mode as a Terrorist (I am not changing the names just because the game is changed, the names will remain the same in my heart forever) you will have to plant the bomb at one of the two locations and defend that location for 45 seconds. Additionally, you can also win by eliminating the entire Anti-Terrorist team.

To win in this game as an Anti-Terrorist, you will have to defeat all Terrorists before they plant the bomb. If they do plant the bomb, defuse the bomb before it explodes to win.

Do note that each player on the team has one life per round. If you have played Counter Strike any, you are probably better at me in this game mode. Think this game mode is too easy? Well, “HC Search and Destroy” will definitely prove you wrong.

The game has currently introduced only these game modes. Since the game is competitive, we can expect Treyarch to add some of the other game modes back in the game such as the “One in the Chamber” or “Gun Game”.

Check back our guide once these game modes have been released. We will surely have more advice for you by then.

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