Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Perks Guide

Our Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Perks Guide will help you with all of the perks in the Black Ops 4 Multiplayer and which are the best perks to use. There are a number of perks in the game’s Multiplayer Mode that can be unlocked and each has its own purpose. We will go through each perk one by one with some of the best perks at the end.

Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Perks

You can consider perks in COD as Passive Abilities that remain active during multiplayer matches. Each perk has its own unique function like reducing damage taken, increasing movement speed, and more.

Perks play a massive role in the game’s multiplayer and pick-10 system. Depending on your preferred *Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Loadout*, your choice of perks can easily make or break your entire loadout.

Type 1

affect your character’s durability in multiplayer matches. These perks range from filling up your ammo to improving your armor. The following are the perks that you will find in Perk 1 Group:

This perk will refill your ammo from fallen enemies. It requires Level 1 to unlock.

This perk will detect enemy *equipment* and scorestreaks through the wall. This perk also allows you to re-roll and booby trap Care Packages. It requires Level 1 to unlock.

Flak Jacket
Explosives deal less damage. It requires Level 12 to unlock.

Tactical Mask
Increases resistance to 9-Bang, Concussion Grenades, Razor Wire, Reactor Core, Seeker, Tempest, Fire, and Counters UAV. It requires Level 24 to unlock.

Type 2

These affect player’s movement during multiplayer matches.

These perks range from increasing sprinting and crouching speed to allowing players to use weapons and equipment while sprinting. Following are the perks that you can choose from in the Perk 2 Group:

This perk increases sprinting speed and players take no damage from falling. It requires Level 1 to unlock.

This perk increases crouch and prone movement. It requires Level 1 to unlock.

Cold Blooded
This perk increases player resistance to enemy abilities, equipment, and scorestreak targeting systems.

The enemy AI targeting you will be delayed in spotting you and you will not be highlighted with player controlled scorestreaks with a targeting reticle. It requires Level 15 to unlock.

Players will be able to fire their weapons and equipment while running. Players will recover faster from sprinting and will be able to move at full speed while reloading. Required Level 30 to unlock.

This perk allows faster weapon swap, slide, climb, and mantle. Also increases weapon accuracy while jumping and mantling. It requires Level 42 to unlock.

Type 3 Perks

These affect your detection in multiplayer matches by enhancing your stealth and abilities. The following are the perks from which you can choose:

As the name suggests, this Perk will make you undetectable enemy UAVs while moving, planting or defusing the bomb. Not only that, but this perk will also keep you undetectable while using scorestreaks. It requires Level 1 to unlock.

Team Link
This perk allows you to see friendlies through the wall and spawn a fog of war circle around you and your teammates. It requires Level 1 to unlock.

Dead Silence
As the name suggests, this perk will allow players to move quickly and will help you resist detection from Acoustic Sensor. It requires Level 18 to unlock

This perk will show you the digital footsteps of enemy players and will alert when you enter enemy Fog of War. It requires Level 36 to unlock.

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