Black Ops 4: Best Blackout Perks And What They Do

The best perks for your loadouts.

Blackout is the battle royale mode of Black Ops 4 in which the perks system takes a different route. Instead of unlocking them as scorestreaks, you have to find them scattered around the map.

This does add a degree of luck because you will never find the same perk in the same location every time. Since there is a cap on the maximum perks you can carry at a time, it becomes important that you only equip the best perks in BO4 Blackout.


Each perk has a certain number of uses and a duration for which the buffs granted by them will last. Here is a

Complete list of all perks in Black Ops 4 Blackout

There are a total of 14 perks to choose from in Blackout, fairly less than what the developers originally promised. Some of them can be always ignored, but others should always be your priority.

StimulantThis will increase your health by 100 points for the duration of this perk.2180s
MedicHelps you heal yourself and your teammates faster2240s
ConsumerReduces the time duration for healing allies, using consumables, and healing by 20%.1300s
OutlanderAllows you to resist more damage and move quicker while outside the circle or the so-called storm that we are familiar with in other Battle Royale games.2180s
ParanoiaThis will alert you with a sound cue whenever an enemy member has his/her aim at you.2240s
SkulkerGives a boost to the movement speed in the crouch and prone stance.3180s
LooterYour HUD will have an additional element added to it that will give information about the nearby stashes and equipment3120s
Iron LungsAllows you to hold your breath for longer when underwater, or when sniping to improve stability and thus accuracy.2300s
AwarenessAllows the player to listen to the enemy’s footsteps much more clearly giving them an idea of the enemy’s exact direction and location.2140s
ReinforcedReduces the damage from fire and explosives when active. Furthermore, the perk also grants resistance to flashbang, concussion, and razor wire.3240s
Dead SilenceAllows you to make less noise while moving and opening stashes.2120s
MobilityAllows you to move faster and shoot while sprinting while taking no fall damage2200s
EngineerAllows players to detect nearby vehicles and enemy equipment.2240s
BrawlerIncreases the damage the player will deal when active, however, it only applies to melee damage. Furthermore, this perk also grants an additional 50 HP with each successful melee attack.1240s
Squad LinkAllows you to see your teammates through walls2120s

Best perks to get in Black Ops 4 Blackout

Since Black Ops 4 Blackout is a Battle Royale, it is a good idea to know when to use which perk to get the most of the desired effect. We have selected 2 best perks for the early, mid, and end-game phases to maximize the efficiency of the consumable perks system in Blackout.

The early game

This should be the first pick you activate after finding it in Blackout. This perk allows you to see loot through walls and will save you a lot of time when you are looking for a gun right after landing. It might even let you get a drop on your enemies.


You can unconventionally use the Looter Perk to locate enemies by observing the disappearing loot.

Another Perk that you should acquire as soon as possible is Engineer. This perk will show you where vehicles are and you will be able to see enemy equipment through the walls making it easier to avoid mines and traps.

Though it is best suited for the early game, you can reserve its second charge for the late game as it will also provide you a quick getaway in case you find yourself in a tricky situation or need to find a vehicle to get out of the gas.

The mid-game

This perk is best suited for mid-game of Black Ops 4 Blackout because it will allow you to hear any noise made by the enemy including footsteps and gunshots at a much greater distance. This will allow you to anticipate gunfights and better plot a route for yourself within the circle.

Outlander will best suit you if you are planning to stick around the edge of the circle while gathering as much loot as you can.

This perk will decrease the amount of damage you take by the storm and allow you to move faster in the storm. This could be an effective mid-game strategy for survival provided you have this perk active.

The late-game

Alright, now we are nearing the end of the battle royale match and only a handful of enemies remain in a much shorter circle. Camping is no use and you must utilize your special run and gun tactics. This is where the Mobility perk will give you an edge over the other Blackout players.

This perk will increase your movement speed and will also allow you to swap weapons and throw grenades faster. This is essentially a cheat code making you much faster than any opponent who does not have this perk active or has used it earlier in the game.

Dead Silence
This is easily one of the best perks you can get in Black Ops 4 Blackout. It will serve as a counter for players using the Awareness perk allowing you to move and open stashes silently.

You can sneak up on enemies faster and get a drop on them and what’s more, you can pair it up with Mobility to become a silent speedster in the battle ground zooming in and out while eliminating enemies one by one.

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