BO3 Zombies: Gorod Krovi Gauntlet Of Siegfried Guide

Hatch the Dragon Egg for a mini-flamethrower.

The Gauntlet of Siegfried is one of the new wonder weapons added to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies. It gives you a mini dragon that acts as a flamethrower to burn everything to a crisp. You can also send the dragon into the air to burn all nearby zombies in the area. It is a pretty powerful weapon, to say the least.

The Gauntlet of Siegfried can only be unlocked on the Gorod Krovi map. Incidentally, you also need the wonder weapon to complete the Gorod Krovi easter egg.


Get both the Gauntlet of Siegfried and the Dragon Wings since the latter requires you to have the former.

How to get the Gauntlet of Siegfried in Gorod Krovi

You have to perform a series of somewhat occult tasks and challenges on the map to unlock the wonder weapon. Do not fret though. We will guide you along each step of the way.

Step #1: Turn on the power

To turn on the power, you need to head inside the Dragon Command Center and the room with a few green monitors on the wall. Once you are inside the area, you need to interact with a large lever located there – interacting with the lever will turn on the power.

Step #2: Get the Dragon Network Circuits

To get all three Dragon Network Circuits, you need to kill zombies in Tank Factory, Dragon Command Center, and Supply Depot until they drop an item called Code Cylinder.

With a Code Cylinder in hand, you need to head over to a special machine called Groph Module and interact with it. Doing so will summon a pod which you will need to charge by killing zombies in its vicinity. This will open up the pod and you will be able to get the Dragon Network Circuit inside. You need to do this three times to get all three Dragon Network Circuits.

With all Dragon Network Circuits at your disposal, you need to head inside the Operations Bunker area and interact with another machine labeled Dragon Network. Once there, insert all three Dragon Network Circuits in there and head back to one of the Groph Modules.

Interact with another large machine near one of the Groph Modules to summon a dragon which will take you to the Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch room.

Step #3: Get the Dragon Egg

To get your hands on the Dragon Egg, you need to head over to the Pack-a-Punch area. Once you are in the area, find a metal chute in the area and look at the top-left side of it. You will find a Dragon Egg tucked in there! At this point, you need to shoot the board under the Dragon Egg to grab it.

Step #4: Power up the Dragon Strike

From the Pack-a-Punch area, you need to head up and interact with the strange device to unlock it. Immediately after doing it, you will have to go against a wave of zombies. After fending off the zombies, use the controller to call in the drones from the sky and power up the Dragon Strike.

Once you have done it, you need to head back to the Dragon Command Center and find a Dragon Nest – this is near the wooden sign near the large building. You need to put the Dragon Egg inside the Dragon Nest and hold off the zombies. During this time, you will see a dragon breathing fire. Once you have fended off against the zombie waves, pick up the egg.

Step #5: Complete the Challenges

You now need to head over to the initial spawn area and find out what challenges you need to complete. For the record, these BO3 Zombies challenges are pretty easy to complete.

  • Kill napalm (burning) zombies.
  • Get penetrating multi-kills.
  • Get melee kills.

Once you have completed all the challenges, summon the dragon and head back to the Pack-a-Punch area.

Step #6: Return to the Pack-a-Punch area

Once you are back in the Pack-a-Punch area, you need to head to the underground section and place the Dragon Egg inside the incubator. You will then have to kill zombies in the vicinity of the incubator to charge the Dragon Egg.

After fending off the zombies, if you try to pick up the egg, you will get a message saying that the egg is too hot to be picked up. You will, once again, need to hold off zombies and wait for the Dragon Egg to cool down. Once it has, pick up the egg and head back to the spawn area.

Step #7: Get the Gauntlet of Siegfried

After heading back to the spawn area, you will see the challenge marker reading ‘Incubate the Dragon Egg’. At this point, you simply need to interact with the marker and pick up the Gauntlet of Siegfried Wonder Weapon from the grave.

How to upgrade the Gauntlet of Siegfried

Like many other specialist weapons in BO3 Zombies and Gorod Krovi, it has long been speculated that the Gauntlet of Siegfried must also be upgradeable given the green color of its flame.

Unfortunately, no one has yet been able to find a way to upgrade this weapon and come forward with that information. Some people have posted snippets of codes indicating that the upgrade is in the game but no one has had any luck hunting for it yet.

But do not let that stop you, who knows maybe you will be the first one to find the relevant easter egg and upgrade your Gauntlet of Siegfried. Happy hunting!

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