Black Ops 3 Descent Zombies Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch Location Guide – How to Find

Black Ops 3 zombies Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch, like earlier iterations, has a huge role to play in the completion of Easter Egg. Therefore, it is a good idea to unlock it as early as possible!

You do not actually need to build the Pack-a-Punch machine and only need to complete steps in order to get to it. All these steps involving getting to Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch machine are comparatively easier than previous iterations and can be done solo.

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Black Ops 3 Descent Zombies Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch Location

Our Black Ops 3 Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch guide details all the steps required to reach the Pack-a-Punch machine for upgrading your weapons and completing the main Gorod Krovi Easter Egg.

Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch Step – Turning On the Power

In order to turn on the power, you need to head inside the Dragon Command Center. This area is located near the large government building with a star outside. Once inside, you need to head to the area with a few green monitors on the walls.

Once you head inside the area, you will find a large lever in plain sight. You simply need to hit the lever in order to turn on the power.

Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch Step – Dragon Network Circuits

After activating the power, you will notice that zombies will start dropping Code Cylinders after being killed. There are a total of 3x Code Cylinders that you need to collect. Each of these Code Cylinders are randomly dropped after killing zombies in their respective areas:

  • Tank Factory Code Cylinder
  • Dragon Command Center Code Cylinder
  • Supply Depot Code Cylinder

After picking up a Code Cylinder from an area e.g. Tank Factory Code Cylinder, activate a special machine in the same area called Groph Module. Every time you activate this machine (x3 Groph Modules for three areas) you will summon a pod which you will need to charge by killing zombies in its vicinity.

If you have been playing zombies, you should know the concept by now. After charging it enough, the pod should open, rewarding you with a Dragon Network Circuit. Once you have completed the step in all three locations, you should have all x3 Dragon Network Circuits.

One important thing that you need to note is that you can only hold one Code Cylinder at any given time and must complete the process once before moving on.

Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch Step – Riding the Dragon

With all x3 Dragon Network Circuits at your disposal, you need to head over to the Operations Bunker area and find a large machine labelled Dragon Network with three empty slots. It is in these empty slots that you need to insert your x3 Dragon Network Circuits.

Once you have inserted all x3 Dragon Network Circuits, you need to head over to any of the Groph Modules and interact with another large terminal which will summon a dragon to your location. It does not matter which terminal you interact with; the dragon will always come to you!

You need to jump onto dragon’s neck from one of the platforms and wait for a cut-scene to finish. The dragon will take you to a completely new area which contains Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch machine.

Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch Step – Using the Pack-a-Punch

Once you are in the new area, you need to head down and find the Pack-a-Punch machine. In order to use the machine, you will need to spend 2,500 points. In order to exit the area, you need to head over to sewer exit located nearby and head back to the main area of the map.

This is all we have on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 zombies Gorod Krovi Pack-a-Punch guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments below!

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