BO3 Zombies Gorod Krovi Dragon Strike Upgrade Guide

Call a dragon bomb twice in the same round.

There is one main reason why you need to upgrade the Dragon Strike in Gorod Krovi: you get to use the wonder weapon twice. The one-time use per round is a major downside, which is why we will be helping you get your hands on the Draconite Controller. It also increases your blast radius so you get to take out twice the amount of zombies in Black Ops 3.

How to upgrade the Gorod Krovi Dragon Strike in BO3 Zombies

Once you have obtained the Dragon Strike Controller, you need to use it to kill a specific number of zombies and burn some flags outside the map. This rather simple but fun process is how you get the Draconite Controller, an upgraded version of the base wonder weapon in Gorod Krovi.

Step #1: Kill 40 Zombies

The first thing you need to do is kill around 40 zombies with the Dragon Strike. This number can grow to about 50 depending on your game, but it mostly amounts to two large hordes. If you are playing in co-op, your progress will be shared among all players. So each player does not need to get 40 individual kills.

Once you complete the first step to upgrade the Dragon Strike, you will hear a loud dragon roar in the background.

Step #2: Burn the Flags

This step is a bit more complicated. Depending on the number of players in the game, red and black Iron Cross flags will appear on the map. If you are going solo, only one flag will appear, but up to 4 may appear as well if you have 4 players.

The locations of all four flags are below. Note that they will always spawn outside the map, so scan your horizons carefully.

  • Spawn Point: To the left of the Quick Revive, in a window of a distant building across the water pipe.
  • Tank Factory: Go to the right of where you summon the dragon and look on the ground below to spot the flag.
  • Dragon Command: Go to the catwalk where you summon the dragon and look towards the distant wall, behind some rubble.
  • Supply Depot: Go to the area where you summon the dragon and look towards the distant wall in the fog next to the building.

Once the correct amount of flags is destroyed, a sound will play out, indicating that the objective is complete.

Step #3: Start the lockdown

For the third step to upgrade the Dragon Strike in BO3 Zombies, head back to the Pack-a-Punch room and start the Lockdown Event again. This time, however, try to use the dragon strike as often as possible.

You have to keep using the Dragon Strike in these events until all four of the lights on the Controller turn. Once that’s done, head back to the mechanism and you will receive the upgraded, Dragonite Controller this time in Black Ops 3 Zombies.

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