BO3 Zombies: The Giant Pack-A-Punch Guide

What you need to know to upgrade your weapons.

The process to activate the Pack-a-Punch machine in The Giant map is relatively straightforward. You do not have to worry about finding multiple items and completing rituals which is how you PAP your weapons in Shadows of Evil.

You only need to link three teleporters to the mainframe, which should not take more than a few minutes. Black Ops 3 veterans will know how to get the job done, but we will be going into a bit more detail in case this is your first Zombies map.


Unlocking the Pack-a-Punch door in The Giant is how you get the Annihilator.

How to activate Pack-a-Punch in The Giant

Your first step to unlock the PAP machine in BO3 Zombies “The Giant” should be to head to the courtyard in the center of the map; you will find a line of generators with a yellow power sign on them. Press Square/X to turn them on.

The best route to go there is to head down the stairs from the mainframe and climb the short flight of stairs on your right. You will have to unlock two doors (700 points each) and then clear some debris to gain access to the 2nd floor (1000 points). After that, it’s just a simple matter of dropping down from the 2nd floor and into the courtyard and turning on the power.

Now that the power is on, you have to link the 3 teleporters to the mainframe. The 3 teleporters are scattered around the map as shown by the map below. Players have to hold the Square/X button upon reaching the Teleporter after which a 30-second countdown will begin.

During this time, they have to rush back to the mainframe (same area where you spawn) and hold the same Square/X button to link the Teleporter to the mainframe. A surge of electricity will follow and a random power-up will be generated in front of you.


The teleporters can be linked to the mainframe in any order. It is not necessary to follow the order specified here.

Teleporter A

Teleporter A is located near the vicinity of the Animal Testing. It is behind a door that requires 1250 points to open and it also has the M8A7 wall gun towards the left of the Teleporter.

Teleporter B

Take the stairs towards the AutoMobile Garage and unlock the main room ( it will have ZB written in red above it ). The main room will have two vats of boiling water and the Teleporter will be right in the center.

Teleporter C

To find Teleporter C, players have to head behind the Courtyard, where they turn on the power, and unlock a door costing 1250 points. The Teleporter is located at the back of this room and has a KN-44 wall gun in a corner towards its left.

How to Pack-a-Punch your weapon in The Giant

Once all the 3 Teleporters are linked to the mainframe; the door behind the mainframe pad will unlock, revealing the PAP machine. The PAP machine can be used to buff up your weapon for 5000 points, simply head to the machine and hold Square/X.  

It is important to take your weapon back after it is PAP, much like an ATM card after a transaction, otherwise, it will be sucked back in and lost forever.

Weapons can be Re-Packed for 2500 points as well, this adds an alternate ammo type to the weapon which randomly activates after a short cooldown period. The alternative ammo is of 5 types and its description is as follows:

Dead WireThis ammo type electrocutes a zombie; any zombie nearby also gets electrocuted forming a chain.
TurnedTurns the zombies against each other, and they start killing each other.
Blast FurnaceExplodes a zombie into bits, nearby zombies will also catch fire.
Thunder WallThuds back zombies with a powerful burst of air.
Fire WorksDrops a small gun in the middle which spins a complete circle, 360 degrees, and takes out zombies.

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