BO3 Zombies: How To Turn On Power In Der Eisendrache

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Turning on power and finding Jug are two essentials of surviving the zombie mode in any Call of Duty game. In Der Eisendrache, you must activate the power before you can access the Juggernog Perk-a-Cola machine and activate other locked doors.

Jug in Call of Duty zombie mode grants players additional damage-absorption against enemy attacks. While you normally go down in 3 hits, Jug-perk allows you to sustain up to 5 hits. However, do note that you need 2,500 points to use the perk and around 4500 points to unlock all the doors to activate the power

How to turn on the Power in Der Eisendrache

To turn on the power, you need to accumulate sufficient points by slaying zombies in the initial area and head outside using the door on your right-hand side. This door will cost you about 750 points.

From this point, continue along the second gate into the courtyard which will cost you 1000 points. Now take the staircase up on your left side and cross the bridge near the first stone dragon.

From that point, head over to the far side of the bridge and head inside the small bedroom ahead. There will be some blue debris in your way which you can clear by spending 1250 points. 

You need to head over to the right-hand side and go inside the armory. At the left side of the final corridor, you will find another door which will cost you 1500 points to unlock. Once inside, head straight then turn left a little to find the power switch right in front of you.

Juggernog location in Der Eisendrache

Once you have activated the power in Der Eisendrache in Bo3, head back to the spawn area. From this area, you need to take the stairs up to the second floor of the initial area and find the underground tunnel entrance on the right-hand side.

The gate right in front of you does not require any points, but you must turn on the power to open the gate. Since you have turned on the power, you can find the Jug Machine on the right-hand side after passing through the gate.

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