Black Ops 3 – Shangri-La: All Radios in Order

The remastered version of Shangri-La features nine radios for you to find. Here are their locations in the best order.

Radios are a frequently happening phenomenon in Call of Duty maps, featuring various audio diaries of playable characters. The Shangri-La map also comes with a few radios, where players will be told Gary and Brock’s journey and learn how to help them in the game.

Each radio appears after certain gameplay milestones, with varying messages and information on how to go on with the next steps. This guide will explore all radio messages in Shangri-La for the Black Ops 3 remastered version.

Where to Find all the Shangri-La Radios in Corresponding Order

The remastered version of Shangri-La features one additional radio in Black Ops 3. That makes a total of nine radios compared to the first Black Ops game.

Radio #1

The first radio comes before starting the main Easter egg quest. It will appear near the place where you can purchase MPL, right next to the area where the Mine Cart is found.

Radio #2

This radio can be spotted after completing the Waterslide step in the main Shangri-La Easter egg. It is situated near the tunnel and can be accessed by standing on the pressure plate, close to the first radio.

Radio #3

This radio is found after completing the Orb escort step, where you are required to fire on the diamond to make it shrink. Knifing it takes you to the slide to the geyser, after which a new diamond will spawn shortly. Look carefully for the radio on the cliffside trail hidden by the waterfall.

Radio #4

Once you lure a Napalm Zombie into the cave and set the gases on fire, the lever near the crevice and the tube will be raised. Once the step reaches its end, you will find the radio under the waterfall, bathing in the flowing water in the area.

Radio #5

After plugging the tunnel’s holes with Trip Mines in Easter egg, you must head to the bottom of the waterfall. Having interacted with the next boulder and the brick at its center, you will be returned to the present and the step will be completed. After this, you can go near the Mine Cart to get your hands on the fifth radio.

Radio #6

Similar to an early step in the main Easter egg, you will once again find Slabs with peculiar symbols on your way. As you knife these, you will eventually discover a trap ahead. If you successfully blow it, the step will be completed. After that, you can go to the same crate (near the Mine Cart) to grab the next radio.

Radio #7

From the sixth radio in Black Ops: Shangri-La, you will learn a certain code that will only work in the past. Having gone to the past, you will have to approach the mud pit temple and set the correct dial on the giant wheel symbols.   

Once the step is completed, approach the pyramid where the Pack-A-Punch Machine is placed. Look to its bottom to spot another radio.

Radio #8

After picking up the Focusing Stone, the Pack-A-Punch machine resets. The flowing water will put down the bridge, blocking your way ahead. Move a few steps closer to the pyramid, and you will spot the radio on its base.

Radio #9

The remastered Shangri-La map in Black Ops III features one extra radio. By interacting with this one, you’ll hear Doctor Monty pitying over the fate of Gary and Brock, stating they are stuck in a never-ending temporal loop.

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