Black Ops 3: Kino Der Toten Easter Egg Guide

Going back to Samantha’s Sorrow Song.

The remastered Kino der Toten map features several side easter eggs in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies. That includes a secret addition called Samantha’s Hide and Seek which gives you maximum ammo and unlocks the Samantha’s Sorrow song from Gorod Krovi and Revelations.

How to solve Samantha’s Hide & Seek Easter Egg in Kino der Toten

The secret Samantha’s Sorrow song is a bit more complex and requires more time and effort to complete. That being said, there are only two steps required.

Step 1: Find the Door Knock combinations

The first step to solving the Kino Der Toten Easter Egg is to open the map to gain access to the alleyway. When the door to the alleyway is open, you need to head to the locked blue door at the end of it. This will be right across the Double-Tap.

When you arrive at the blue door, you must move closer and listen for knocks. We recommend noting down the number of knocks you hear because they are important. These knocks will be required for a three-digit number combination later on.

You will first hear a successive number of knocks, followed by a pause, repeated up to three times. The number of knocks you hear in succession will be your first number, and the ones followed after the pause will be your second – and the same goes for the third one.


We recommend bringing in a friend for this step as it can become quite noisy and hard to hear the knocks when zombies are targeting you. This will also keep them from attacking you whilst you are listening for the knocks.

When the knocks have ended, you must input the code into the door. You can do that by quickly using the knife to slash the door. Let’s say, you heard five knocks in the first instant – you will then knife the door five times quickly. To input the next number, you will have to wait for a second and then start knifing again.

The timing here is very important. If you knife it too slowly or do not wait long enough to input the second number, the step will fail and you will have to try again after a few minutes.

The number combination varies in each match, but there is a limited number of combinations that you can get. All the possible combinations that you can get in this step are listed below:

  • 115
  • 143
  • 121
  • 241
  • 321
  • 512
  • 534
  • 624
  • 666
  • 935

If you have completed this step successfully, you will hear a Samantha noise, indicating your success.

Step 2: Find the Samantha Doll

After completing the first step, a Samantha Doll will spawn in the theater. You will find it past the stage, sitting on a bunch of rubble next to a flashing light. When you find it, you must interact with it to start a minigame.

This is Samantha’s Hide and Seek mini-game in Kino der Toten, and is a crucial part of the Black Ops 3 Easter Egg.

You will be required to find and shoot five Samantha dolls that spawn randomly throughout the map. Since the dolls are too small, this step becomes quite daunting, which is why you are given help via music.

After interacting with the first doll, weird music starts playing – you must turn your music sound up to hear it. The sound of this music gets louder as you approach a doll, and fades as you get farther away from it.

Despite that, it can still be very hard to find. What makes it even more difficult is that you are under a time limit. If you don’t find and shoot the dolls fast enough, the step will fail and you will have to try again.

That said, the locations of these Samantha Dolls become very important. Here are the possible spawn locations of all five Samantha dolls in the Hide and Seek minigame.

  • To the right of the Juggernog, just outside the map boundary
  • On one of the red chairs near the Juggernog machine
  • On the chandelier in the center of the theater
  • On the projection room window
  • On one of the chairs to the right of the stage
  • Behind one of the banisters on the stage
  • On an elevated platform on the back-right side of the stage
  • On the ground to the stage’s left – corner of the room.
  • On the balcony to the right of the theater and stage.

When you have shot all five of the Samantha dolls within the time limit, you must go back to the original doll on the ground of the theater. If you interact with the doll now, the Easter Egg will be complete, and you will be granted with max ammo and a secret Easter Egg song.

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