10 Best Black Ops 2 Perks Guide

A complete and detailed list of all the perks available in Black Ops 2 multiplayer so you can choose the best one for your loadout

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer, perks are unique abilities that grant players a competitive edge. These perks offer various advantages, from increased movement speed to reduced flinch when taking fire. Using perks strategically, you can customize your class to fit your play style and dominate the battlefield.

Three perk tiers allow you to choose one perk from each tier for three. However, utilizing “wildcards,” you can unlock an additional perk within a single tier for a more specialized class setup. Remember that using wildcards comes at a cost, consuming additional allocation points that could be used for weapon attachments or equipment.

This guide dives into the top 7 Black Ops 2 multiplayer perks, ranking them based on their effectiveness and usefulness in various situations.

7. Extreme Conditioning

CategoryTier 3
Unlocking Level4
EffectsAllow the players to sprint for a long time

In a competitive game, every second counts, and extreme conditioning gives you the edge you need to outmaneuver your opponents. I like to use it to get to hard points quickly, grabbing them before anyone else can even think about it. It’s a rush (no pun intended) to go ham and rack up points, and extreme conditioning makes it all possible. When combined with perks like 3 greed and dexterity, you’ve got a recipe for success.

So, if you’re struggling to keep up in rush fights, I highly recommend trying extreme conditioning. Trust me, it’s worth it.

6. Tactical Mask

CategoryTier 3
EffectsMinimizes effects shock charges, and flash and concussion grenades

This tier 3 perk makes you immune against flash and concussion grenades, reducing the damage impact to 50%. Equipping this perk makes you feel like stun and shock grenades don’t work. This perk goes well with all classes, but using it when you’re in the thick of things and vulnerable to grenade attacks is recommended. It’s also a great choice when using a riot shield, as it allows you to focus on capturing points without being disrupted by enemy grenades.

While it may not be the most exciting perk, Tactical Mask is a solid choice that can make a big difference in gameplay. However, the only flaw of Tactical Mask is that it does not align well with an EMP; for this, you need to have Hardwire Perk.

5. Lightweight

CategoryTier 1
Unlocking Level1
EffectsIncreases movement speed by 7% and gives immunity against fall damage

One of the most significant benefits of Lightweight is that it prevents players from taking damage from falling. This can be a game-changer in intense firefights, where a quick escape can mean the difference between life and death. Furthermore, Lightweight’s movement speed bonus can help players avoid enemy fire and reposition themselves quickly, giving them an edge in combat.

While Lightweight is a useful perk, it’s essential to consider its limitations. For example, players moving with slower weapons like ARs or sniper rifles will only move at 95% of their base speed, and those with LMGs will move at 90%. Additionally, Lightweight doesn’t provide any protection against enemy fire or explosives, so players still need to be cautious in combat. Lightweight is a solid perk that can enhance a player’s mobility and survivability. Still, using it with other perks and strategies is crucial to maximize its effectiveness.

4. Hardline

CategoryTier 1
Unlocking Level4
EffectsIncreases score earned through Scoresteak by 20%

Hardline reduces the scorestreak requirement by 20%, which can make a significant difference in obtaining higher-end scorestreaks. For example, a Swarm requires 1900 points without Hardline, but with it, the requirement drops to 1520, equivalent to almost 4 kills in Team Deathmatch or Free-for-all. Hardline is particularly useful when running bigger streaks, such as Care Packages, UAVs, or Hunter Killer Drones, as it only requires one more kill, flag capture, equipment destruction, or spy plane shootdown.

However, for lower-end scorestreaks, the difference is minimal. For instance, a UAV requires 350 points without Hardline and 280 with it, which is less than a kill. Hardline is recommended for objective-based games, especially when running higher streaks, as it can significantly reduce the scorestreak requirement. In Free-for-all, it’s also useful, as the only way to earn a score is by killing opponents, and there are no assists or teammates to help shoot down equipment.

It can be said that the Hardline Perk is worth using in objective-based game modes and Free-for-all, especially when running higher scorestreaks. Reducing scorestreak requirements can make a significant difference, making it easier to obtain them. However, for lower-end scorestreaks, the difference is minimal, and it may not be worth using a perk point on Hardline when another perk might be more beneficial.

3. Flak Jacket

CategoryTier 1
Unlocking Level33
EffectsDecreases explosives damage taken by 25%

Flak Jacket is a perk that reduces all incoming explosive damage to 35% of its original value (9% in hardcore game modes). Its pro version reduces all fire damage to 5% of its original damage, making the Flamethrower and Napalm Strike nearly worthless against the player. This is an ideal perk for short-range maps and the most powerful perk compared to its MW3 blast Shield counterpart. One thing to note is that this perk does not work on your explosives. You will blow up if you own C4 and run around shooting the floor. This perk only works on damage from enemy kill streaks and things in the environment.

When the Flak Jacket is equipped, it will give the character model extra heavy armor pads on his body resembling a Juggernaut’s. This will count towards all factions besides colors, faces, and small details like a helmet. However, it should be noted that the Flak Jacket does not make a player a larger target; It has the same hitbox as all the other First Tier Perks in Black Ops 2.

Some rushing players prefer Flak Jacket, as they are frequent victims of enemy Claymores. Flak Jacket makes a sensible perk choice for this style of play, as many rushers do not wish to give up Marathon for Hacker to spot the claymores. With Flak Jacket, finding and avoiding Claymores isn’t an issue as they lose their lethality, Flak Jacket users at full health can rush right through without dying. In some cases, this lack of fear might improve a rusher’s performance and speed more than the perk Lightweight.

2. Fast Hands

CategoryTier 2
Unlocking LevelLevel 8 after completing the “Pyrrhic Victory” challenges
EffectsIncreases speed for swapping weapons, and lethal and tactical are used quicker.

One common myth about Fast Hands is that it increases the reload speed of weapons, but this is not the case. The perk only affects weapon swap speed and equipment use time. Another misconception is that Fast Hands increases the rate of fire for bolt-action weapons or pump-action shotguns, but this is also not true. The perk may make it appear that the fire rate is increased due to the faster animation when first bringing out the weapon, but the actual rate of fire remains unchanged.

Fast Hands is a useful perk for players who want to quickly switch between weapons and use equipment more efficiently. It is especially beneficial for players using a riot shield or those frequently using grenades and other equipment. However, it is important to note that Fast Hands does not increase reload speed or rate of fire for weapons.

1. Dead Silence

CategoryTier 3
Unlocking Level38
EffectsReduces okayer footstep noises by 60%

Dead silence allows players to move without noise, giving them a strategic advantage in stealth-based approaches. This perk is especially important in games where sound gives away a player’s position, making it easier for opponents to track and eliminate them.

The importance of the Dead Silence perks lies in its ability to enable players to move around the map undetected in Black Ops 2, set up ambushes, and flank enemies. It allows for more dynamic and unpredictable gameplay, as players can’t always rely on sound to locate their opponents. This forces players to be more aware of their surroundings, use visual cues, and rely on their instincts, making the game more challenging and engaging. However, it’s worth noting that dead silence can also be seen as a sneaky or unsportsmanlike tactic, as it can give players an unfair advantage if used excessively or inappropriately.

The working of dead silence varies between games, but in Call of Duty, it typically lasts for a short duration, such as 30 seconds. It can be activated multiple times throughout a match. When activated, the player’s footsteps and other movement-related sounds are significantly reduced, making it difficult for enemies to hear them. However, some sounds, such as jumping or shooting, may still be audible to nearby enemies. Additionally, dead silence may not eliminate sound, and players may still make some noise when moving through certain surfaces, such as water or grates. Dead silence is a powerful tool for skilled players, but it requires careful timing and strategic thinking to use effectively.

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