Black Ops 2: How to Get & Upgrade the Hell’s Retriever in Mob of the Dead

Get a throwable weapon with infinite ammo in Black Ops 2.

The Hell’s Retriever is one of the best Wonder Weapons in Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead. It is a thrown tomahawk that never runs out of ammo and deals pretty decent damage to zombies in a line. At the lower levels, it can one-shot an entire horde as it flies through them.

Obtaining the Hell’s Retriever also awards you the Feed the Beast achievement. Although this Wonder Weapon is quite effective in its base form, you can further upgrade it and make it the Hell’s Redeemer.

In this guide, you will learn how to get Hell’s Retriever and its upgraded version in Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead.

How to Get the Hell’s Retriever in Mob of the Dead

Obtaining the Hell’s Retriever is a bit tricky, as it requires you to pursue a special procedure involving three wall markings and zombie sacrifices.

To start, you need to find one of the three dog head wall markings hidden in the Mob of the Dead map. Once you find a mark, stand by it and wait for a zombie to appear.

When one finally does, kill it near the mark. The mark comes to life and a demonic dog’s head replaces it. The head scoops up the corpse and eats it.

You need to feed the dog a total of six zombies before it goes away for good. Do this for all three of the dog heads.

Dog Emblem #1 – Broadway (Second Floor)

The first marking is found on the second floor of Broadway, you will come to a place that has some safety railings. Check the walls around here.

Dog Emblem #2 – At the Docks

The second dog’s head is found when you enter the docks from the prison underground and turn right at the door. The head is on the wall.

Dog Emblem #3 – Infirmary

The last mark is left of the roof access through the Infirmary and near the part item in the locked case.

When you’re finished feeding the zombies to the dogs, head over through the showers and open the doors to the Citadel Tunnels. There will now be a missing wall here with three dog heads over the gap. Enter through the breach and you will find the tomahawk Hell’s Retriever suspended in a beam of red light here.


Other than being an excellent weapon, Hell’s Retriever is an essential gameplay tool to collect the Crystal Skulls, grab Power-Ups, or get the Golden Spork in Mob of the Dead.

How to Get Hell’s Redeemer in Mob of the Dead

Once you have acquired the Hell’s Retriever, it’s time to upgrade it and get your hands on an even deadlier weapon, the Hell’s Redeemer in Mob of the Dead.

Step #1

Head to the Golden Gate Bridge, the same place where you can also Pack-a-Punch your weapons. This will only be possible if you have built the Plane that takes you to the bridge.

Step #2

You have to get 30 kills with Hell’s Retriever, without using a single bullet from other weapons in the meantime. There will be a ton of Zombies coming at you as soon as you arrive at the bridge, so the kill count should probably be completed within one round. After a few kills, you will hear a laughing sound, which should be ignored for now.

Once you’ve got enough kills, you will hear the second laughing sound, indicating that you can proceed to the next step in upgrading the wonder weapon.


Don’t worry if the laughing sounds don’t happen for you. Just make sure to kill as many Zombies as possible before moving on to the next step.

Step #3

Make your way to the electric chairs and go back to Alcatraz. You will have to approach the same area where you fed the first demonic dog. Throw the Hell’s Retriever into the Lava Pit to make it go away for now.

Step #4

Finish the current round and use the electric box (in the shower room) to go to the Afterlife mode. Now, go where you previously collected the original Hell’s Retriever. Approach the blue light in the room to get the Hell’s Redeemer in Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead.

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