How To Get Black Bow In Elden Ring

You can find the Black Bow in Elden Ring in Leyndell, Royal Capital near Avenue Balcony Site of Grace.

Black Bow is one of the strongest long-range weapons in Elden Ring. It can use the unique Archery skill, Barrage Ash of War. It has high damage-dealing capacity, impressively low weight, and incredible usability and can come in handy in tough situations.

Black Bow is easily the best choice for you if you are looking for a bow build in the game, and hence, finding it can be the first step in doing so.

Keep reading this guide to know the location, utilities, and stats of Black Bow in Elden ring.

Where to Find Black Bow in Elden Ring

The Black bow can only be found at one place in the whole Lands Between map. It happens to be in Leyndell, Royal Capital. For getting access to this place, you must have completed considerable progress in the game.

The nearest Site of Grace fast-travel point is located in known as the Avenue Balcony. Having reached this place, you need to approach the fountain area by going through the stairs. Go left from this point inside the room to discover a large elevator opening downwards.

Drop down from the elevator to reach the lower room and leave it by jumping on the house roof on the right. There will be a little jumping required ahead to cross several rooftops. After crossing the two tomb-shaped structures, you will finally see a purple light emerging from the lower right shade of this roof beside the Pillage remains. Go ahead and get your well-deserved Black Bow!

Is Black Bow Any Good in Elden Ring?

Although this unique bow falls in the category of Standard bows, it also possesses the attack speed you get with Short bows. It is the only Standard bow with the amazing Barrage skill. Keep in mind that Barrage also makes this weapon heavier than its other counterparts make and requires 20 Dexterity to be used.

As this bow scales better than most of the Short bows and shoots exactly as fast as these do, it is clear that this is the only ranged weapon with the highest Damage per Second. Its damage scaling with Strength and Dexterity also makes it a good option for archery builds. You can check out its base stats below:

Physical Attack70
Magic Damage
Fire Damage
Lightning Damage
Holy Damage
Physical Absorption
Magic Defense
Fire Defense
Lightning Defense
Holy Defense
Guard Boost
Attribute ScalingSTR: E DEX: D
Attributes RequiredSTR: 9 DEX: 20


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