Biomutant Jumbo Puff Boss Guide

The World Eater enemies in Biomutant are these large, imposing creatures that inhabit distinct biomes of the game world. In this guide, we will be taking a look at the Jumbo Puff World Eater in Biomutant and how you can defeat this boss easily.

Biomutant Jumbo Puff Boss

When you accept the first task offered by Gizmo the Greasemonkey in Mekton, part of the quest will involve defeating the shark-faced world eater boss, Jumbo Puff.  Let’s take a look at each phase of this fight in detail so that you know exactly how to take it on!

How to Defeat Jumbo Puff

The key to defeating the boss is to keep your distance while continuously attacking the boss with the ranged weapons on your Mekton Robot. When the fight starts, you will find the jumbo Puff staring you in the face, ready to attack. Create some distance between you and the Jumbo Puff and throw some ranged attacks at it.

Keep moving and shooting at the boss and make sure you stay behind buildings to avoid some of its attacks. Its attacks will break these buildings eventually, so stay vigilant!

Phase 1

The boss has three HP levels are indicated at the top of the screen and the phase of the fight will change depending on how many bars remain. For the first phase, you have to follow the ranged attacks strategy as if you get too close, the boss will stomp you dead.

The boss also sticks its tongue to you and pulls you in! Stay away and shoot at its tongue when it does this.


Occasionally, as its health depletes, it will jump on the nearby tree log and throw rocks at you. You must keep moving to avoid the rocks while you keep shooting your guns at it. Eventually, the boss will launch in the air and jump down on you, which you must dodge.

Phase 2

Starting off its second health bar, the jumbo puff will start using the power line against you! It will be the same as earlier, but this time the damage it deals will be more. It will mostly attack in a Linear arc so just dodge to the sided. Just like before, you need to keep dodging and shooting back.

Occasionally you’ll also receive prompts to launch a Sqvip Critter at it. When you do this, the boss will stagger for a bit and then let out its tongue on the ground. Press the button prompt that’s displayed on-screen to do a great amount of damage to its tongue!

Phase 3

When the last of the Jumbo Puff’s health bar remains, it will destroy your mech and swallow you whole! However, you’re not down and out! You’re now in the belly of the beast. From there, you need to go to its heart, for which you need to go up and through the openings. Reach the heart and damage it, it will repel you back in the gut, and you need to repeat the process.

Finally, when you have damaged the heart enough, the Jumbo Boss will die and you will be vomited out victoriously!