Biomutant Mekton Wrekbox Locations Guide

There are 47 unlockable Trophies in Biomutant, one of which is the Hammertime Trophy. You can unlock this Bronze Trophy by finding and equipping 5 different Mekton Upgrades. This guide walks you through all Mekton Wrekbox Locations in Biomutant.

Biomutant Mekton Wrekbox Locations

There are a total of 14 Mekton Wrekboxes in Biomutant. These boxes are scattered all around the map. Once you’ve found and equipped all Mekton Upgrades, you’ll unlock the Hammertime Bronze Trophy.

Let’s take a look at where these Wrekboxes are hidden in the world of Biomutant.

Mekton Wrekbox#1
Location: The first Mekton Wrekbox is found at Gumquack Hollow. During the Fluff Hulk Nest Area Objective, simply reach the area with a bunch of bamboo trees and find the Wrekbox next to a broken apartment.

Co-ordinates: Sector 3E, X: 77950, Y: 80188

Mekton Wrekbox#2
Location: Relatively easier to find than most of the Wrekboxes in Biomutant. You’ll find the Mekton Wrekbox at Surfipelago, sitting on an Island between some bushes and a few trees.

Co-ordinates: Sector 3D, X: 54575, Y: 48469

Mekton Wrekbox#3
Location: At Gizmo, head up the hill, take a right into a cave. Go through the door on the left to reach a broken-down facility where you’ll find the Wrekbox in the far-right pink-colored building. Use the rope to swing down onto the truck and reach the pink house to find the Wrekbox.

Co-ordinates: Sector 5C, X: 16613, Y: 17031

Mekton Wrekbox#4
Location: At Munchhouse 6C, you’ll find the Wrekbox on the street next to the Fuoho building. The location is found on the map next to the Steepdeepo.

Co-ordinates: Sector 6C, X: 63144, Y: 46937

Mekton Wrekbox#5
Location: At Citiscenario, you’ll find the Wrekbox at the center of the broken buildings, atop dozens of spare tires. The location is found left to Munchhouse 6C on the map.

Co-ordinates: Sector 6B, X: 86488, Y: 69844

Mekton Wrekbox#6
Location: During the Whereabouts Area Objective, head to the Bangshelter 7B location on your map and go inside the underground tunnel and reach the right side of the location to come across the Wrekbox.

Co-ordinates: Sector 7B.X: 110831, Y: 68875

Mekton Wrekbox#7
Location: At Brickbrack 7B, you’ll find the Wrekbox inside the broken brick building situated right to the large tower.

The location is found right next to Citiscenario on the map.

Co-ordinates: Sector 7B, X: 111894, Y: 93625

Mekton Wrekbox#8
Location: At Shopperia 7A, The Eighth Mekton Wrekbox is found during the Whereabouts Area Objective. You’ll find it in an open area, next to a building wall with a company logo on it.

Co-ordinates: Sector 7A: X: 134144, Y: 109531 

Mekton Wrekbox#9
Location: Once at Hubbledun, you’ll find the Wrekbox inside an underground tunnel to your right.

Co-ordinates: Secor 8B, X: 159050, Y: 68000 

Mekton Wrekbox#10
Location: Again, at Hubbledun, you’ll find the Wrekbox inside of a tunnel. However, this time you must go past a Tincan Tougho to reach the Wrekbox on your right.

Co-ordinates: Sector 7B, X: 145644, Y: 52375 

Mekton Wrekbox#11
Location: Another Wrekbox is found at the Brickbrack 7C. The box is found left to the large horned animal, resting on the structure.

Co-ordinates: Sector 7C. X: 117925, Y: 10062

Mekton Wrekbox#12
Location: Continuing your journey through Hubbledun, you’ll come across the Wrekbox resting in the area with green mist surrounding it, guarded by a Scorpion creature that you must kill to reach the Wrekbox.

Co-ordinates: Sector 8C, X: 166206, Y: 30469 

Mekton Wrekbox#13
Location: The Wrekbox is found near the large electrical tower, inside a broken-down blue building at the Mekton.

Co-ordinates: Sector 8C, X: 161300, Y: 13500

Mekton Wrekbox#14
Location: The last Wrekbox is found at Shop-Shop 8B. Head past the beaten NPC’s, and into the underground passage of the building ahead to reach the last Mekton Wrekbox.

Co-ordinates: Sector: 8B, X: 183769, Y: 69812

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