How to Unlock Automaton Functions in Biomutant

In this Guide, we will be telling you exactly How to Unlock Automaton Functions in Biomutant. Our goal is to tell you about all of the nifty features this companion has and how these functions can make you more effective while fighting or traveling the post-apocalyptic world of Biomutant.

How to Unlock Automaton Functions in Biomutant

On the surface, the Automaton may seem like an ordinary Scrap-Toy Sidekick, but throughout this Guide, you will learn that it is much more than that.

We will be telling you about all of the hidden functions it has and how those functions can be unlocked. Once you understand all of these things, you will have a much easier time dealing with enemies and traversing the dangerous world of Biomutant

Unlockable Automaton Functions

The Automaton has some functions that can be unlocked by visiting certain NPC’s on the map and talking to them. The unlockable functions are:

Automaton Health Injector
The Automaton provides you with include an Automaton Health Injector that you can consume by pulling out the Consumables Wheel and highlighting it. This function can be used multiple times during a single fight, but there is a cooldown on it after every use.

Automaton Boost
The Automaton Boost function provides you with a temporary damage boost during combat which can help you turn the tables on a difficult enemy. You can chain this up with other abilities to put in some decent damage against heavy enemies.

Automaton Turret
There is a Turret function in the Automaton as well that you can deploy mid-combat and get a little aid from your companion. This can help you get out of binds if there are too many enemies for you to deal with at the same time.

Automaton Glider
Biomutant has taken a few ideas from other open-world games, one of which is the Automaton Glider. This glider is extremely useful when you are traveling across the map and want to jump from really high locations without taking the longer route down.

Holding the jump button deploys the glider, and then you can easily fly towards the ground without taking any kind of damage.

Talking to the Mirage

To unlock these Automaton Functions, you need to look for a Mirage that pops on the map randomly. It looks like a big panda bear holding a lantern. Go and talk to that mirage, and it will pull you into a flashback where you have to fight a powerful enemy.

Note that winning this fight is not at all required to unlock the function. Simply win or lose and then choose the function of your liking.

You have to find this Mirage 4 times to unlock all of the available functions. Additional functions might get added to the game later on, but right now, these are the only four you can get.

By knowing How to Unlock all the Automaton Functions, you can now deal with the dangers of the open world with much more finesse and traverse around speedily as well.

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