Biomutant Ultimate Weapon Locations Guide

There are a total of 25 Ultimate Weapons in Biomutant and in this guide, we’ll help you get each one by outlining the locations of each one.

There are a total of 25 Ultimate Weapons in Biomutant and in this guide, we’ll help you get each one by outlining the locations of each one.

Biomutant Ultimate Weapon Locations

12 of the Ultimate Weapons in Biomutant can be located independently and the rest you will unlock during the story missions. Let’s take a look at each of their locations below!

Blaze Gloves
Get to the Plank-Place and you will see a house with a red roof. Walk around the house and you will find haystacks. So, burn the haystacks, and eventually, the house will catch fire.

Collect three charcoal pieces from inside the house and take them to Boom. Follow his directions further and eventually, you will be given the objective of finding Blazefinger Locker.

Interact with the box to the left side of the Boom’s venture, and you will receive Blaze Gloves ultimate weapon.

Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin
For the Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin, visit Lump Muffin. Visit Lump and find the Spark Plug for him. Take it back to Lump and then find the Wiffle Dust for him. Give it back to Lump and then interact with his platform to get Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin.

Pri Murgel Sword
Head towards the Lumentower and activate the Lumen. Spinning the Lumen lamp will show you a secret place. Get to the Riddleroom and you will find the Pri Murgel Sword.

Hyprozapper Ozarhypro
Get to the Old World Vault near the Shillo Shopperia region. As you get there, you will encounter Emergent Bulgtusk. Defeat him to get the Hyprozapper Ozarhypro.

Sparkatron Hypicskromp
The location of Sparkatron Hypicskromp is in the Klonkfist, a little to the north of Bricktown. There is yet another Old World Vault where you will encounter Schacky TrunkGnut. Defeat him to get the Ultimate Ranged Weapon Sparkatron Hypicskromp.

Carrothandle Infected Carrot
Head towards the Bow’s Teak to the south of the Sparkplant. As you get there, a side quest named Chubsa the Tortler will start. Complete the side quest to get your hands on Carrothandle Infected Carrot.

Scatterskerk Lukspewbor Location
Get to the Goneforevermore that is to the west of Suburbia. As you get there, you will have to complete the Klick Side Quest. You will require the Skeleton Key for Bangshelter 5D here. Complete the quest and unlock Bangshelter to get Scatterskerk Lukspewbor.

Knok Umph Location
Once again, head towards the Sparkplant, to the west of Suburbia. Defeat the Sparky Twigsnout there to get the required Sparky Vault key. Find the vault in the Sparkplant and you will get your hands on Knok Umph.

Contagion Flurpskruckis Location
Head towards the Fume Foundry that is to the east of Murk Puff Palace. Defeat the Farty Bulbaplod there to get the key to the Fume Foundry vault. Unlock the vault and you will find Contagion Flurpskruckis.

Yrkum Pikeaxe Location
Get to the Sludge Diodorizum area. Defeat the Greasy Polliconey there to get the key to Doridorzium Vault. Unlock the vault to find Yrkum Pikeaxe ultimate weapon.

Srik Gongmace Location
Head towards the Chug Depot area and defeat the Chug Swollwaft. You will get the Chug Depot Vault Key from him. Use the key to unlock Chug Depot Vault and you will find your Srik Gongmace.

Old World Klonkfist Location
There is a Myriad Tribe region, situated between Surfi Pelago and Deadzone. Head towards the control room there and break the emergency box. You will find your Old World Klonkfist from the box.

Extermino Frugrapster Location
During the story mission Tribe War Begins, you will be required to meet the war party. Meet them and then raid the armory. You will find Extermino Frugrapster in the armory.

Myriad Boomerang Location
Unlocked during The Tribe War Begins missions.

Bangbitsky Jupspitko Location
In the Souipholeup region, enter the bunker and go ahead. Line up the switches and then find the Pew-Pew locker to get your hands on Bangbitsky Jupspitko.

Hoover Gru Blade Location
Found during the story mission, The Sqvip Grotto.

Jagni Tribe Staff
Unlocked during The Jagni Tribe story mission.

Bulletspinno Pjupejector Location
When you get to Poksura region, talk to Pulp and do as he directs. Eventually, you will go into a cave where you’ll have to unlock a Pew-Pew locker. You will receive Bulletspinno Pjupejector from that locker.

Sprinkler Smicksharper Location
Found during the story mission Gumquacks.

Netra Tribe Grabbler Location
Found during the story mission of The Netra Tribe.

Ankati Bow Location
During The Ankati Tribe story mission.

Feels Bigblade Location
Found during Lupa-Lupin’s Lair story mission.

Lotus Shuriken Location
Found during the Lotus Tribe story mission.

Pichu Tribe Nanchuk Location
Unlocked during the Pichu Tribe story mission.

Grease-Sprinkler Location
Received during Chu-Chu Quest story mission.