Bethesda Is Now Going After Youtubers Who Post Fallout 76 Glitch Videos

Bethesda’s Fallout 76 comes with a range of different bugs and issues. There are many ways to exploit the game including duplication glitches. Many YouTubers posted about such glitches and explained how players can achieve duplication.

Bethesda decided crackdown against such videos by banning the players from the game. It is unclear how many were banned by Bethesda but we know at least two were taken down.

What’s interesting here is that not only their main accounts got banned but also second accounts that had nothing to do with duping. The original post came from Discord’s chat where one of the YouTubers posted.

This account has violated the Code of Conduct and Terms of Service by exploiting a system issue that results in item duplication. As a result, we have suspended this account indefinitely.

If you believe that this account has been flagged in error, players let us know by providing a short description of what you were doing that may have resulted in the excessively high rate of item creation. Once we are able to reproduce the situation you describe and confirm that it does activate our detection alarm, we will lift the suspension on this account. Please take a few moments to review that Terms of Service and Code of Conduct which must be acknowledged to participate in the Bethesda services.

This is a developing story so we will have more for you as this story develops.

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