Fallout 76 Microtransaction Prices Deepen Player Resentment Ahead Of Christmas

New Fallout 76 microtransaction prices that are stupidly high have deepened player resentment of the game ahead of Christmas, unfortunately for Bethesda.

New Fallout 76 microtransaction prices have come to light because of observant players, and they’re stretching the definition of “micro” to the point that players are even more unhappy than they were previously about the game. Think we’re joking? How does 18 dollars for a new paint job sound? We thought so.

Fallout 76 only came out a few weeks and has very rapidly earned the ire of many gamers and Fallout fans who have constantly criticized it for being uninteresting, a waste of money, buggy, and predatory in terms of its microtransactions, which are EA levels of bad in terms of wanting to get things.

Many players of the game are complaining on the Fallout 76 subreddit about the high Fallout 76 microtransaction prices, with some complaining they could buy actual things with that kind of money and that there was nothing “micro” about paying 18 dollars. Another pointed out that you could buy the Game of the Year Edition of Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian Entertainment’s last Fallout game, for two dollars more, and get a better experience for it.

This isn’t the first time that Fallout 76’s premium currency (or “Atoms”, as it’s called) have gotten criticized either. Shortly after release, Fallout 76 and Bethesda gainend controversy due to Bethesda falsely offering a canvas bag with pre-orders and giving players nylon bags instead.

Their solution to the uproar was to give players 500 Atoms…which is about five bucks in real money, and wouldn’t even allow you to buy some of the actual microtransactions in the store. For example, a new paint scheme that would allow you to turn a suit of power armor white is 1800 Atoms, which is $18. For a very minor cosmetic scheme.

For comparison, most microtransactions at least live up to the name, being small amounts of money like two or five dollars that players won’t miss, rather than twenty dollars which could, as said above, get you another, better, game for just about as much.

Hopefully Bethesda will get their act together on the Fallout 76 microtransaction prices, otherwise Fallout 76 might be on the downturn faster than we thought. If you want to play it (though we’re not sure why you would) you can play it on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC now.

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