Best Skyrim Potion Recipes [Top 10]

You should only brew the best potions in Skyrim.

Alchemy is a skill that focuses on crafting potions and poisons in Skyrim. These potions and poisons can then be used for different purposes and effects in the game.

Potions in Skyrim have various effects ranging from health restoration to damage buffs, from poison resistance to magic resistance. Knowing how a potion is crafted is a skill in itself. Every potion has different recipe ingredients that need to be collected before you can craft it. Some ingredients are easy to acquire, while others require you to traverse the map and defeat enemies along the way to access those ingredients. Remember that potions have a time duration of effectiveness, so players should be somewhat careful when using them.

In this article, we shall list 10 of the best alchemy potions, their recipes in Skyrim, and their effects and ingredients (how to get them). You can also check our full Skyrim alchemy potion recipe guide for the list of all the potion recipes.


As you might already know, potions in Skyrim are named after one of their effects, so naming might vary slightly if they have multiple effects. However, if you want to name potions based on all of their effects, you can use different mods for that.

Potion of Enchanting

This potion is helpful in not only casting enchantments on players’ armor and weapons but also increasing the duration and effect. The Potion of Enchanting increases the enchantment time of a spell by 60 seconds. It also increases the effect of applied enchantment to some degree.

Recipe IngredientsWhere to get the Ingredients
BlisterwortChillwind Depths (Hjaalmarch), Blackreach
SnowberriesAround Nightingale Inn
Spriggan SapAt Honeyside (Riften) or at Proudspire Manor (Solitude)

Potion of Smithing

Smithing isn’t a fan-favorite for people until they understand the importance of upgrading their arsenal. In Skyrim, there is more to smithing than people might think. Using The Potion of Smithing allows players to craft armor and weapons that are above their current level.

Recipe IngredientsWhere to get the Ingredients
 Sabercat ToothKill Sabre Cats in Snowy Mountains
Spriggan SapAt Honeyside (Riften) or at Proudspire Manor (Solitude)

Potion of invisibility

Invisibility is every player’s favorite ability. To pass every enemy without even being noticed is something you would always want to do. The Potion of Invisibility grants players wishes in this regard. With a time limit, you can take full advantage of being invisible and go to places undetected.

Recipe IngredientsWhere to get the Ingredients
Vampire DustAutumnwatch Tower, Boneyard
Ice Wraith TeethArcadia’s Cauldron, Elgrim’s Elixir, Dropped by Ice Wraiths
Chaurus EggDropped by Chaurus and Chaurus Reapers, Falmer hives

Potion to Fortify Archery

As the name suggests, the Fortify Archery potion will increase the damage and range of players’ arrows. An alchemy potion that amplifies your weapon’s damage is always useful to keep in your pocket.

Recipe IngredientsWhere to get the Ingredients
Elves EarDragonsreach (Whiterun), Castle Dour (Solitude)
Spider EggHarmugstahl, Ironbind Barrow

The Damage Increase + Stamina Regeneration Potion

This alchemy potion grants players two different effects that aid one another in some way. The potion increases the player’s two-handed weapon damage while also increasing stamina regeneration. If you love close combat with heavy weapons, this may be the ideal potion for you. Being a double-effect potion also means this potion grants you more alchemy experience. So it is a win, however you look at it.

Recipe IngredientsWhere to find it
Troll FatAlchemy merchants
BeeUnder the ramp of Bannermist Tower, Honeystrand Cave
Fly AmanitaFound in all caves and mines

Regeneration Brew

Regeneration brew is a multi-purpose potion. This alchemy potion regenerates your health along with Magicka. Instead of crafting two separate potions, this one potion can do the trick.

Recipe IngredientsWhere to get the Ingredients
GarlicThalmor Embassy (Haafingar), Vittoria Vici’s House (Solitude)
Salt PileBarrels and sacks, can be bought from merchants

Potion of Resist Magic

Potion of Resist Magic grants the players temporary immunity to any form of magic attack. This includes all the elements in Skyrim. Usually, players have to wear armor that defends in one or two elements, but this potion will give players total immunity to magic.

Recipe IngredientsWhere to get the Ingredients
GleamblossomCaves, Darkfall Cave (Markarth)
LavenderGrassy Plains, In a vase behind the throne (Blue Palace)

Potion of Fortify, Restore, and Regenerate Magicka

This potion is the ultimate mage potion in Skyrim. Not only does this potion increase your Magicka capacity, but it also lessens the cost of Magicka and regenerates Magicka over time. A multi-purpose potion that also grants more Alchemy exp.

Recipe IngredientsWhere to get the Ingredients
Moon SugarOutside Whiterun, Riften, Solitude
Red Mountain FlowerPaths along mountains
Jazbay GrapesEastmarch, merchants

Potion of Regenerate Health and Invisibility

A potion in case you find yourself in a situation where your health is critical, and you are having trouble tackling the enemies. Drink this potion and run away or run to a better hiding spot while simultaneously restoring health at every passing second. Crafting this potion grants additional Alchemy exp as well.

Recipe IngredientsWhere to get the Ingredients
Vampire DustAutumnwatch Tower, Boneyard
Luna Moth WingNear Whitewatch Tower, East of Whiterun

Ultimate Healing Potion

Ultimate Healing potion not only heals you but also cures any type of disease, regenerates stamina, and grants resistance to any type of poison. This potion will also give more exp to your Alchemy skill.

Recipe IngredientsWhere to get the Ingredients
Eye of Sabre CatLoot from Sabre Cats, Alchemy merchants
Mudcrab ChitinAlong riverbanks and lakeshores, Pale Imperial Camp (Dawnstar)
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