Best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Warfarer Build: Skills, Augments, And Weapons

The Warfarer is a jack of all trades vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2 where you can combine different playstyles into one.

The jack-of-all-trades vocation, Warfarer is a mix of ranged and melee combat that allows you to equip three different vocations simultaneously in Dragon’s Dogma 2. What makes this vocation so versatile is its Maister skill that allows you to cycle through weapons of all your chosen vocations. Head to Volcanic Island and complete the quest for Newt Liqueur to unlock this vocation.

Warfarer offers the ultimate gameplay experience but demands time to understand and adapt to the different playstyles. This is the only vocation limited to the Arisen, and it cannot be used as pawns. Let’s customize your Warfarer to make it an Ultimate Arisen with the best weapons, skills, augmentations, equipment, and party composition.

Build Overview

Warfarer is the only vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that allows you to customize your gameplay by choosing three vocations. This allows you to use all the unlocked skills of these vocations. However, you cannot use the maister skills of the other vocations; for example, while you can use all of these thief skills, you won’t be able to add Formless Faint.

Warfarer is a versatile vocation that can be used to inflict physical or magickal damage. We have focused on magickal damage using the Sorcerer, Mystic Spearhand, and Magick Archer vocations for this build.

Switching weapons consumes stamina and takes much time, so we have listed three strong weapons from each vocation and their relevant weapon skills that boost the impact of magickal damage, making this vocation more fun to play with.

ProsAccess to a wide range of skills from all other vocations
Can use any piece of equipment, allowing for customization
Can use the core skills of each vocation
ConsPoor stats gain
Cannot use mastery skills of other vocations
Spends stamina each time you swap weapons
Weapon SkillsRearmament
Augural Flare
Mirour Shelde
Sagittate Avalanche
Core SkillsRedoubted Bolt
EquipmentWeapons: Dragon’s Wit, Grianmhar, Rhewynt
Rings: Ring of Percipience, Ring of Vehemence, Ring of Recitation
Best Party CompositionMain Pawn- Fighter

Character Creation Recommendations

This is the only vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that lets you customize your character with whatever equipment you wish to put on. So you must build a character that can take you switching between vocation skills. Go for a tall character with high muscle attributes. This will make your character resistant to staggering and also allow them to carry heavier loads.

Best Weapons For Warfarer

For this build, we will focus on Dragon’s Wit, Grianmhar, and Rhewynt. Talking about the weapons, the Dragon’s Wit is a worthy staff wielded by the Sorcerer that holds a power of 440 magick and a strength of 126. The Grianmhar is a magickal bow with a magickal stat of 420. While the duospear, Rhewynt has a strength and magick stat of 380 each and knockdown power of 261.

Best Skills Selection For Warfarer In Dragon’s Dogma 2

  1. Rearmament: This is Warfarer’s maister skill that allows you to swap different weapons. This is how you can switch between different vocations.
  2. Augural Flare: Places a magickal orb on enemy that eventually explodes after taking hits. The more you strike the more, the greater explosion will be. This is your main magical skill to use offensively.
  3. Mirour Shelde: Creates a magickal shield around the Arisen and allies that protects from incoming damage. Consider this your main tanking ability. Use this when you have incoming damage from a lot of sources or a lot of damage from a single source.
  4. Sagittate Avalanche: This skill conjurs a multitude of arrows that deal with ton of damage in a single strike.

Owing to Warfarer’s ability to switch between vocations, it does not have a core skill of its own. However, it does depend on core skills of its related vocations. For this build we have used Sorcerer, Magick Archer, and Mystic Spearhand, so we will be using the following core skills:

  • Redoubted Bolt: This skill holds crowd control potential and is useful if you want to knock down enemies, immobilize targets, and gap-close to enemies hit.
  • Conversion: This skill helps you switch between Pinpoint Volley and Rivet Shots for attacking.

Best Augmentations

Augments amplify the stats of each vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and for this build, we have chosen a few unique augments of Warferer merged with Mystic Spearhand and Magickal Archer.

  • Polarity: Increases Strength stat during the day time and Magick stat during the night
  • Voracity: Recovers some stamina once you have killed an enemy
  • Zeal: Reduces stamina consumption when performing skills
  • Dynamism: Reduces weight that affect speed
  • Sagacity: Increases magick stat

Equipment Selection

Warfarer allows you to use any piece of equipment that you want from the related vocations, but if you want a balance approach a mix of heavy and light armor would be recommended. As for the rings are concerned, you can use the given rings to boost your gameplay:

  • Ring of Percipience: Increases magick stat to increase damage
  • Ring of Vehemence: This ring increases staggering and knock down chances, this proves helpful when using the Sagittate Avalanche
  • Ring of Recitation: Reduces the time taken to incant spells by 25%

Best Party Composition for Warfarer

For an ideal party composition to compliment this magick build, you need a pawn that taunts and tank the enemy, a healer, and a fast-attacking mobile pawn.

Let’s look at the best pawns we have chosen for our Warfarer build,

  • Main Pawn – Fighter: While you maintain a safe distance to launch your attack, a Fighter will taunt your enemy keeping it busy while you swap to the ideal weapon or land a shot.
  • Mage: Get a support character like Mage in your team to buff your weapons, cast protection spells, and heal you.
  • Thief: With Fighter and Mage set in their position, you then require a swift physical attacker that is fast, for this Thief stands as the perfect option.
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