Best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sorcerer Build: Skills, Augments, And Gear

The Sorcerer is the offensive caster vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2 that can do a lot of destruction. Here is how to build it.

The Sorcerer is an advanced Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that deals devastating ranged damage. This Vocation heavily uses elemental spells that burn, shock or stop enemies in their tracks. While Sorcerers can be an absolute powerhouse for any Party, their Stamina management can be quite tricky.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best Sorcerer build in Dragon’s Dogma 2. We’ll cover the pros and cons of this Vocation along with the best skills, equipment, augments, and party composition. We’ll also review how you can unlock this Vocation.

How to unlock Sorcerer Vocation

To Unlock the Sorcerer Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you only have to bring Klaus an Archistaff during the quest “Vocation Frustration.” Once you reach Vernworth, Klaus can be found at the Vernworth Vocation Guild.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sorcerer Build Overview

The Sorcerer is one of the most powerful Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It has an extremely high damage potential, and most of its spells work with large AOEs, allowing it to weaken many enemies at once.

However, all their spells make liberal use of Stamina, which you’ll run out of constantly. Additionally, most of their spells have a fairly long cast time, which means you won’t be able to fire off spells in quick succession unless you use a quick cast. Due to this, sorcerers are positioned toward the back of the fight and require tons of support as they cast their spells.

Below, we’ve gone over a basic overview of our Sorcerer build:

ProsHigh damage potential
High AOE attacks
ConsHigh stamina usage
Long spell-casting times
SkillsThundermine / High Thundermine
Hagol / High Hagol
Salamander / High Salamander
Meteroron / Maelstrom
EquipmentArchistaveLion-Lord’s Archistaff / Dragon Wit
Head ArmorTwilight Star
Body ArmorAres Morpho Robe
Leg ArmorBraided Boots
CloakAny cloak of your choosing
Ring #1Ring of Percipience
Ring #2Ring of Momentum
Best Party CompositionMain pawnFighter
Pawn #2Sorcerer
Pawn #3Archer

Character Creation Recommendations

You do not need to build your character a certain way to get the most out of the Sorcerer in Dragon’s Dogma 2. However, we do recommend making your character a little taller to increase your carry capacity. Body size and muscle mass don’t matter much since you’ll be sticking to the rear of the party anyway.

Best Weapons For Sorcerer

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, Sorcerers can only equip Archistaves that allow them to cast their spells. The best one to use is The Lion-Lord’s Archistaff. It has a Strength and Magick rating of 120 and 371 and a Strike Strength and Knockdown Power of 100 and 104. This staff also comes equipped with a 10% lightning elemental buff.

You can switch out the Lion-Lord’s Archistaff during the end game for the Dragon’s Writ Archistaff. While it does not come with an elemental buff, it is better in all other regards and will allow you to be more effective when in combat.

Best Skills/Spells Selection For Sorcerer In Dragon’s Dogma 2

The best skills/spells to use with the Sorcerer are:

  • Thundermine / High Thundermine: The Thundermine will be your main offensive spell for this build. This spell has a fairly quick time compared to other spells, and since it targets your enemies from above, it is very hard to dodge/avoid.
  • Hagol / High Hagol: Hagol is a great support spell that conjures a dome of ice that deals significant damage and freezes your opponents into place. This spell works best when fighting larger enemies or bosses and if your party mainly consists of melee Pawns, casting this gives them a large window to deal damage without having to worry about getting damaged.
  • Salamander / High Salamander: This spell is great for crowd control as it unleashes a wave of fire that moves along the ground and damages everything in its path. It does have a rather narrow trajectory in its base form. However, you can upgrade it to increase the width of the path, its damage, and how far it goes.
  • Meteroron / Maelstrom: The final skill for this build, Meteroron / Maelstrom is another high AOE spell that deals devastating damage. It can hit multiple enemies at once, targeting their weak spots to quickly take off chunks of health.

You can use quick casting to reduce the cast times for all your spells, however, doing so consumes more stamina.

Best Augmentations

You can equip up to six augmentations on your character in Dragon’s Dogma 2. These are the best ones to use for the Sorcerer class:

  • Sagacity: This augment enhances your Magick attacks. Since Sorcerers exclusively use Magick-based attacks this augment is a no-brainer.
  • Catalysis: Catalysis increases the damage output for a particular enemy when you use an elemental spell they are weak against. Since nearly all Sorcerer spells are element-based, this augment greatly increases your damage output.
  • Voracity: Since Sorcerers use a lot of stamina for every spell, Voracity allows you to get some of it back by granting you bursts of stamina for every killing blow you deal.
  • Mettle: Mettle increases your physical defense. Sorcerers are less reliant on their armor for health and damage negation than other Vocations, and this augment ensures that they have a little more defense during combat.
  • Endurance: Endurance increases your maximum stamina, allowing you to use spells with more leeway.
  • Exaltation: The last augment, Exaltation, increases your stamina recovery speed. Combined with the Galvanize core ability, you can regenerate your stamina extremely fast.

Equipment Selection

Since Sorcerers are positioned far away from the battle, they mainly use light armor that isn’t as effective as heavy armor.

  • Head Armor – Twilight Star: The Twilight Star grants you 60 standard and Magick defense and 2 knockdown resistance. The main advantage of using this head armor is that it grants you resistance from all debilitations.
  • Body Armor – Ares Morpho Robe: This Body armor gives you 115 standard and 162 Magick defense and 14 Knockdown resistance. Like the Twilight Star, the Ares Morpho Robe resists debilitations, though only for Silence and Blighted.
  • Leg Armor – Braided Boots: The Braided Boots provide 85 standard Defense and 75 Magick Defense. This leg armor also grants 4 each Slash and Strike resistance and 12 knockdown resistance. You’ll also receive some sleeping resistance.
  • Cloak – Any cloak of your choosing: Cloaks do not significantly affect character builds, so choose the one you like the most.
  • Ring #1—Ring of Percipience: The Ring of Percipience increases your Magick stat by 30, increasing the effectiveness of your casts.
  • Ring #2 – Ring of Momentum: This ring increases your maximum stamina by 150, allowing you even more headroom for spells.

Best Party Composition for Sorcerer

Sorcerers are always positioned away from where the battle is taking place in Dragon’s Dogma 2. And as such, they need a pawn set up that takes the heat away from them while also providing them with support where needed.

  • Main pawn – Fighter: When playing as a Sorcerer, your main pawn should always be a melee-centric Vocation. While Warriors work the best at attracting an enemy’s aggro, they can be quite slow, sometimes decreasing their effectiveness. For this reason, the Fighter is the way to go. They are excellent at distracting enemies while also holding their own.
  • Pawn #2 – Sorcerer: Sorcerers use spells with very high casting times, and while you can use the quick cast to cut down on the casting times, doing so depletes your stamina much quicker. By having a second Sorcerer in your Party, you can use Spell Syncing, which significantly reduces the casting time. Both Sorcerers (you and your pawn) must have the same spell equipped and stand next to each other to pull off this mechanic. Apart from spell Syncing, having a Sorcerer Pawn also means you’ll have another strong ranged member in your team.
  • Pawn #3 – Archer: The Archer is another support Vocation that works excellently with Sorcerer’s while it lacks the utility skills of the Mage, it can be highly effective at accurately taking down foes from a distance.

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