Bend Studio Rumored To Be Working On Syphon Filter’s Spiritual Successor

Bend Studio is rumored to be returning to its Syphon Filter roots after nearly two decades since the original trilogy was released.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, leaker Oops Leaks claimed that Bend Studio is currently working on a spiritual successor to Syphon Filter codenamed Project Propaganda. The game will feature a “late cold war setting” in an open world that can be imagined as a blend of Hitman and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Project Propaganda will furthermore feature stealth-focused gameplay with action elements. There will also be online support with at least a cooperative mode for players to play together.

If true, the game remains in early development and will not release for at least another couple of years.

It should be noted that Days Gone featured a few Easter eggs and other references to Syphon Filter. Bend Studio has even confirmed that Days Gone had “a little bit of that crossover with Syphon Filter” but refrained from sharing any further details. “What happened in all of that stuff is still to be determined.”

Bend Studio has reportedly been working on an all-new triple-a intellectual property with multiplayer elements. The game has been in development for at least a couple of years now and will be built upon the same open-world technology and features which were originally developed for Days Gone.

Project Propaganda, or whatever Bend Studios is working on, will hence feature deep open-world systems that were originally designed for Days Gone 2. The sequel was pitched right after Days Gone was released on PlayStation 4. However, the pitch was scrapped by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Sony believed that Days Gone 2 was not a “viable option” for PlayStation 5. Sony was also not happy with how the first Days Gone took a lengthy development cycle only to release to a mixed batch of reception.

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