Sony Bend Studio’s New IP Has Multiplayer Elements

Sony Bend Studio has been working on a new triple-a intellectual property for a while now which appears to feature multiplayer elements.

According to a new job listing from earlier today, Sony Bend seeks a senior network programmer for its “next high-profile AAA console title” and who must be familiar with “programming that centers around the support of low-level network issues, multiplayer engine design/architecture” among other requirements.

Sony Bend embracing multiplayer should not come as a surprise. While the acclaimed Days Gone was perfect to feature some sort of multiplayer support, it was highly reported that a Days Gone 2 would have had a cooperative mode.

The sequel however was shut down by Sony Interactive Entertainment because of how the first game had a lengthy development cycle and the mixed reception at release. Days Gone 2 was marked to not be a “viable option” for PlayStation 5, forcing Sony Bend to move on to something new.

Whatever Sony Bend has been working on for the past year will be built upon the same open-world technology and features which were originally developed for Days Gone. This was confirmed by head of PlayStation Studios Herman Hulst earlier in the month. The unannounced game will hence have the deep open-world of Days Gone and seemingly a multiplayer or cooperative mode of the scrapped Days Gone 2 pitch.

Days Gone is now available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as well as PC. The game joins a growing list of first-party PlayStation exclusives to break away and land on PC. It would hence be safe to say that while Sony Bend’s new game will be coming to PlayStation 5, there will also be a PC release either at launch or later down the road.

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