How To Acquire Become Ethereal Shout in Skyrim

Get Become Ethereal Dragon Shout and become immortal for up to 18 seconds.

Dragon Shouts are passive abilities in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, giving players different powers. These powers are useful because of their attributes during battle. The Dragon shouts can provide powerful effects like elemental damage, enemies flee, stats buff, and environmental support.

Become Ethereal is one of the most powerful dragon shouts in Skyrim. This shout grants players immortality for a certain duration. Become Ethereal has three words. Collecting each word increases the time duration of the shout. The first-word grants players the effectiveness of the shout of about 8 seconds. Acquiring the second word increases the time duration to 13 seconds and the final word brings the time duration of Become Ethereal to 18 seconds.

Become Ethereal Word Wall Locations in Skyrim

As mentioned above, Become Ethereal has three words; Feim, Zii, and Gron. Each of these words is placed on a different wall throughout Skyrim. From the very first word, players can utilize the power of this shout. Gathering more words increases the time duration of its effectiveness. There is no sequence to finding the words of Become Ethereal, so players can choose whatever wall to go to first, continuing on whenever they have the time to find the rest. The location of each word wall is given below:

The word ‘Feim’ can be found in Ustengrav, which is located between Morthal and Dawnstar. To get to this word, however, players have to start the quest “The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller” or else they will be unable to reach the area. Once inside Ustengrav, the word can be found at the bottom area, near the pedestal from where Delphine stole the horn.

word wall feim location become ethereal dragon shout

Another word can be found at Ironbind Barrow, which is located to the southwest side of Winterhold towards Whiterun. Make your way into the Ironbind Barrow tomb, where you will meet Salma, who will tag along for the venture through the tomb. Fight off Frostbite Spiders and Skeletons as you make your way through the tomb, and collect the word ‘Gron’ at the end.

word wall gron location become ethereal

The third and final word is found at the Lost Valley Redoubt near the Gloomreach caves to the south east of  Markarth. Make your way to the waterfall, where you will encounter Hagravens. Kill them and collect the word ‘Zii’ from the wall behind.

word wall zii location become ethereal

Benefits and Effects of Become Ethereal Dragon Shout

Let’s look into what possible benefits players can derive from using an overpowered shout such as Become Ethereal in Skyrim:

  • Jump off heights without taking damage.
  • Get close to powerful enemies that use ranged attacks.
  • Bypass any trap.
  • Spells that cause elemental damage, such as Fire Cloak, can be used before the shout to envelop your character in a fire cloak and then run into enemies.
  • Sprinting while Become Ethereal is in use does not drain stamina.
  • Easily escape a group of enemies that deal serious damage to you.
  • There is no stagger while Become Ethereal is active. This is useful in doing ranged damage once shot at by enemies.
  • Health, Stamina, and Magicka can be restored during Become Ethereal.
  • Overtime damaging attacks can be negated when Become Ethereal is activated.
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