How To Get Beast Crest Heater Shield In Elden Ring

How about a shield that has a beast engraved on it? Beast Crest Heater Shield is a recommended one to have early in Elden Ring.

Near Saintsbridge lies a medium metal shield with the beast symbol on it. It may lack in Parrying, but with more weight than a small shield, you can defend against many attacks. Having a Physical Guard of 100 makes Beast Crest Heater Shield a good defense against many attacks. In addition, it also has a boost of 51, which makes it a powerful shield to get in the early stage of the game.

In this guide, we will talk about the Beast Crest Heater Shield location and its stats.

Beast Crest Heater Shield location in Elden Ring

beast crest heater shield location

By looking at the map above, you must travel east of Limgrave in search of the Beast Crest Heater Shield. Since it is the starting region in Elden Ring, you can get the shield early. You can use the closest Sites of Grace to reach there.

In this Shield’s case, there are two: one is Warmaster’s Shack, and the other one is Saintsbridge. Whichever Site of Grace you choose, align yourself to the location by using the image above and then travel there.

The Beast Crest Heater Shield is inside a chest. You will find enemies outside the camp, so take them out first. If you think there are too many of them and you aren’t that strong to take them out, you can also use stealth, as you just need to reach that chest. While heading inside the camp, you must have seen a Knight patrolling the area. You can either take him down or wait for him to leave as well.

beast crest heater shield

Once he is out of the way, look for the chest at the front of the tent to get the shield inside it.


Is Beast Crest Heater Shield Good?

Beast Crest Heater Shield weighs more than small shields. The shield weighs 3.5, which means some builds, like Casting, will have a problem wielding it. By weighing heavier means that your defense has increased, but now you lack Parrying compared to small shields.

Since this Shield has the Parrying skill by default, it can be useful by creating counterattack openings. You can increase its potential by infusing it with Ashes of War or buffing it with magic. 

The Beast Crest Heater Shield has the following stats:

Physical (77)Physical (100)
Magic (0)Magic (50)
Fire (0)Fire (43)
Lighting (0)Lighting (32)
Holy (0)Holy (42)
Critical (100)Boost (51)
Beast Crest Heater Shield Stats

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