How To Unlock All Secret Weapons In Bayonetta 3

In Bayonetta 3, you can wield weapons infused with an infernal demon. These demons help you a lot in your...

In Bayonetta 3, you can wield weapons infused with an infernal demon. These demons help you a lot in your fights. Both basic and secret weapons are available, but in this guide, we will only cover the secret weapon you can unlock in Bayonetta 3.

How to Unlock All Secret Weapons in Bayonetta 3


Alruna is an iconic weapon coming from Bayonetta 2 and contains the trapped energy of Infernal Demon Alraune.

To unlock it, you must collect all the Umbran Tears of Blood in Chapter 3.


These are just standard weapons used by all human beings. Bayonetta cannot perform any bullet arts with this weapon, so it must be used carefully by her.

You can get this weapon after completing the game on any difficulty level.


Cassiopeia is one of the slower weapons in Bayonetta 3. However, its slow wind-up attack speed still severely damages close-range enemies.

Swinging the weapon around as an anchor will allow you to hit enemies at long range, but enemies in medium range will be unaffected.

Cassiopeia can also be used as a crossbow to fire bolts that explode upon impact.

Cassiopeia houses the Infernal Demon Kraken. Using Demon Masquerade will allow you to transform into an aquatic alien-like creature with four tentacles that help you glide in the air or swim below the ground for increased movement.

Once you have completed the game, a bonus chapter will unlock. You will need to complete that chapter to unlock the Cassiopeia in Bayonetta 3.

Scarborough Fair and Love Is Blue

These two weapons are coming back from the previous games. To unlock Scarborough Fair and Love is Blue, you need to have the save data of previous Bayonetta games on your Nintendo Switch.

You will still have to purchase them from Rodin’s Treasures for 16,999 seeds. Both these weapons have the infernal demon Madame Butterfly infused in them.

Sometimes players consider them the same weapons, but they are entirely different ones with different movesets and skill trees.


This weapon is a combo of varied weapons and the set of weapons changes as the combo changes. But getting this weapon is a challenge.

You must purchase the Platinum Ticket and defeat Devil Rodin’s secret boss to get the infernal demon and Rodin’s secret weapon. If you can’t defeat the boss, you can check the Rodin Shop to purchase it by spending 9999999 Seeds. But it is too high so defeating the secret boss is a better option.

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