Bayonetta 3 Release Date To Be Announced At E3 2018 According To Amazon

Amazon recently has listed a bunch of placeholders for new Nintendo Switch titles. We already know that some of those placeholders might be early listings for Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon Let’s Go and Bayonetta 3. The latter got even more information as its placeholder has been updated, possibly revealing that the Bayonetta 3 Release Date will be announced at E3 2018.

The leak has been reported by ResetEra user CarthOhNoes, who noticed that Placeholder 5 in Amazon listings has the Bayonetta 3 logo as its product photo. Apart from it, more titles got the “Announced ar E3 2018” logo so there must be a connection behind all of those listings.

The game itself has been revealed at The Game Awards 2017 but nothing about Bayonetta 3 release date has been stated at that time. For an Amazon listing to go up so suddenly, among E3 2018 announced titles, it means that we might be looking at a potential release date reveal soon.

What’s even more important is the fact that Nintendo has pointed out that this year’s E3 is focusing on games for 2018 and that 2019 games will be featured at a later date. We’re already halfway into 2018 so could it be that Nintendo will reveal all those new titles, which have placeholders on both Amazon and Gamestop, on E3 2018?

A few months back, Nintendo Norway has reported that players will get to experience the new Bayonetta and Metroid Prime in 2018, adding one more rumor to the mix, which is a credible source when it comes to Nintendo news.

Bayonetta 1 and 2 have been successful on Nintendo Switch since their release, managing to stay in the console’s charts for several weeks. This has been a good test of how popular Bayonetta 3 will be when it finally releases.

Stay tuned at Nintendo’s E3 2018 show at June 12th to know more about a potential Bayonetta 3 Release Date as well as all the other rumored upcoming releases. We’ll keep you informed if more information about the matter comes in until then.

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