Bayonetta 3 Key Locations To Unlock Old Picture Book

The Old Picture Book is one of Rodin's Treasures that unlocks a secret chapter with a new story in Bayonetta...

The Old Picture Book is one of Rodin’s Treasures that unlocks a secret chapter with a new story in Bayonetta 3. However, unlike like the secret Golem boss, you will need to pretty much beat the main storyline before being able to completely unlock and play the new, secret playable story.

While exploring different chapters in Bayonetta 3, you will come across three different colored keys required to unlock the Old Picture Book. The following guide will tell you the locations of all three keys to unlock the Old Picture Book and its secret chapter in Bayonetta 3.

Where to find the Old Picture Book

You can purchase the Old Picture Book from Rodin in the Gates of Hell after completing Chapter 1: Scrambling for Answers.

The book costs 4,100 Halos and is the first item in the Treasure section of his shop. There is no time limit here, so you can always return at any point during your progression to purchase the Old Picture Book if you are looking to either save or spend Halos elsewhere.

The Old Picture Book that you shopped from the Treasure Shop will be locked and locating the three keys is the only way to unlock it.

Old Picture Book key locations

There are three different colored keys found in different places across the map that are needed to unlock the Old Picture Book. It is important to note that the keys will only spawn after you have beat the main storyline. Hence, you can pass on purchasing the Old Picture Book from Rodin until then.

In Bayonetta 3, there are only two places from which you can find all three Old Picture Book Keys. These places are Ginnungagap and The Chaotic Rift.

Blue Key (Chapter 1 – Verse 4)

The first, Blue Key, is located in Chapter 1, so you will need to restart the first chapter from the main menu in Bayonetta 3. Make sure to choose Ginnungagap as your starting point.

Head to the Chaotic Rift section of the first chapter through the Portal Generator. You need to start the Verse 4 challenge once you have reached the Second Stage.

The challenge will require finishing a small battle. After doing the battle, navigate to the platform with flowers on the top that will be right in front of where you did the battle. You will see a big Blue Key rotating and hovering on your left.

Head towards that key in the distance and travel into it to collect the first key for the Old Picture Book.

Bayonetta 3 Old Picture Book Blue Key

Green Key (Chapter 4 – Verse 1)

The second key to unlock the Old Picture Book is located in Chapter 4: Worlds Apart. A region called Ginnungagap will be found after exploring Chapter 4 from the start.

The exit portal will be at the mountain peak where you will find the Lotus Field by taking a right. Due to a big gap in front, Reaching the Lotus Field will require some skills.

Perform a Double Jump to jump across to the Stalagmites by using the Wander Skill Yo-Yo. Keep going forward and you will find the Green Key.

Red Key (Chapter 13 – Verse 1)

The third and final Red Key can be found in Chapter 13: Kingdom of One. Complete the combat challenge of Verse 1 in Chaotic Rift.

As soon as you will complete the Verse 1 challenge, the ground underneath will continue to fall. There will be some falling platform that will hold you for some seconds until you need to hop on the second one.

Once you have reached the solid ground, find and travel upwards from the Spiral Path.

This path will lead you to the top of the mountain with a serious drop in front. There will be some platforms in front that are floating in the air. These platforms are distanced perfectly for a jump. 

Firstly, jump to the first one and to the second one. Wait until this platform disintegrates and return back to the solid path on top of the mountain.

These two platforms are disintegrating platforms and they will reveal the red key for the Old Picture Book once they destroy themselves. Jump ahead to get the red key. You will get the even if you fall down to the ground.

Now that you have all three keys, you don’t need to do anything as the Old Picture Book is unlocked automatically. This is because the locks to the books were open at the exact time you grabbed the key in the chapters.

How to access the secret chapter?

Collecting all three colored keys will unlock the Old Picture Book. Open the book by heading to the chapter menu. A playable sequence will begin that will tell you the next secret chapter’s location.

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