Bayonetta 3 Development Update Points to Trailer Coming Sooner Than Later

Bayonetta 3 development update indicates that news could be coming soon. The development at Platinum Games is going very well for Nintendo Switch.

Bayonetta 3 is in development for Nintendo Switch but there have been very little news announcements from Platinum Games. The studio has been silent about the game’s release date, trailer, and gameplay details.

The latest Nintendo Direct came with some interesting tidbits about plenty of games but Nintendo took a few moments to speak about Platinum Games. According to Nintendo, fans can completely rest assured that Bayonetta 3 developer Platinum Games is working hard.

After revealing Astral Chain, an action-adventure hack and slash game for Nintendo Switch, Yoshiaki Koizumi discussed Bayonetta 3.

speaking about Platinum Games, I’m sure you’re very curious about Bayonetta 3. Rest assured the developers of Bayonetta 3 are hard at work and I hope you’re looking forward to learning more.

Nintendo Switch players should expect a new announcement in the coming months, close to E3 2019 possibly.

As for Astral Chain, The game looks somewhat similar to Bayonetta and Nier Automata. The anime art style puts it inline with games like God Eater as well.

Players of Platinum’s new IP will take on an alien race that invaded a futuristic city. You will have access to special skills and ability as well as special weapons to take on the hostile alien race.

Astral Chain is fast-paced and so players to Bayonetta 3 would feel like right at home.

Astral Chain and Bayonetta 3 aren’t the only games currently in development at Platinum Games. There is a third unannounced title being worked on at the studio.

This game is another self-published new IP from Platinum Games and is expected to be similar to its other projects. After the cancellation of  Scalebound, Platinum decided to self publish most of its projects.

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