Bayonetta 2 Secret Boss Rodin Guide – How to Unlock, Tips and Strategy

Tips and strategies to defeat Bayonetta 2 Secret Boss Rodin and where you can find him.

Father Rodin. Does the name rings a bell? It should; at least for those who have played the original Bayonetta. This notorious weaponsmith is back in Bayonetta 2 as Devil Rodin and is fiercer than ever!

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Bayonetta 2 Secret Boss Rodin

Devil Rodin is a secret boss in Bayonetta 2 who will test the mettle of even the most expert players with nothing, but his bare fists. In this guide, I’ll talk about how to unlock Devil Rodin and defeat him in one-on-one combat:

How to Unlock Devil Rodin – Buying the Platinum Ticket
First off, you need to complete the Story Mode on any difficulty. Doing so will allow you to buy the Platinum Ticket in the Rodin’s Treasure Section of The Gates of Hell.

Oh! Did I forget to mention that the Platinum Ticket will set you back 9,999,999 Halos? I think, I did! Luckily, we have compiled Bayonetta 2 Halo Farming guide which will allow you to farm millions of Halos in less than a couple of minutes.

Finally, if feel like you are not up for a challenge, bring Rosa along and things will get a tad better.


How to Defeat Rodin – Boss Strategy
The boss fight with Rodin is divided into two phases: a human phase and a devil phase:

During the Human Phase, all you need to do is to learn various attacks that Rodin executes. These attacks can easily be identified and dodged with correct tactics. Before executing attacks, Rodin will make a shrill sound and his eyes will begin gleaming.

Whenever you see this happening, dodge away and counter-attack with PPP combo in order to deal maximum damage. Stick to this strategy and Rodin will be consumed by his Devilish Phase.

During this phase, you need to activate the Umbran Armour to negate any damage dealt by Devil Rodin and easily execute PPP combos for maximum efficiency. May the power be with you!

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