Battlefield V’s Single Player Is Proof That Single Player Can Still Be Valuable

The Battlefield V campaign is the major attraction of the game. Even though there is a battle royale mode, Battlefield V single player is the major highlight rather than the multiplayer aspect of the game. DICE has already mentioned this in recent interviews but since the game is out we have had a chance to experience that on our own.

The opening sequence of the Battlefield V campaign alone seems like a multi-million dollar project. You have to hand it off to DICE, the devs have tried to pull off something different here while keeping it similar to the War Stories that we saw in the previous game.

At launch, the Battlefield V campaign comprises of three stories that you can play. Each one is a bit longer than the previous game and does not seem like random events that have been put together with cutscenes in the middle. The War Stories are long enough to keep things interesting but are not too stretched.

While the different characters in Battlefield V single player mode are not forgettable, they have reasonable depth.  The first character that you play is a British commando, followed by the member of the Norwegian resistance and last but not the least we have the French colonial soldier.

Battlefield V campaign might be split into different stories but one thing that all three of these characters have in common is that they are trying to tell untold stories. While this is not a Battlefield V review of any kind, what I can tell you is that while the stories are short, they often try too hard to hit the mark. In doing so they often miss it.

While each story has its own cool moments, two of the stories are either focused on stealth gameplay or hardcore shootouts. Battlefield V is not very well known for stealth gameplay and the shootouts can be a hit or a miss, it depends from moment to moment. The British missions are a good balance between the two.

Overall none of these stories actually tell you how to play the game or how Battlefield V gameplay works. This is something that the previous game was able to do just fine. Keeping in mind that this is the second time a Battlefield game is getting War Stories, you would expect DICE to get things right the second time.

For more news and information regarding Battlefield V single player gameplay stay tuned. Also, keep an eye out for our Battlefield V review.

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