Battlefield Has More Than 54M Players This Generation According To EA Financial Reports

As with every fiscal quarter, Electronic Arts has just reported its earning this Tuesday. Among the “big numbers”, the company revealed that one of its biggest franchises, Battlefield now has more than 54 million players across current generation consoles and PC.

According to EA’s report, the company has noted a slight increase in its net revenue during this fiscal quarter up to a 3.3% compared to last years same quarter. They also announced a new stock purchase program up to $2.4 billion common stock.

Regarding Battlefield, EA revealed that the franchise now has more than 54 million players across current generation consoles and PC. This seems reasonable if you think about Battlefield 1’s success over the past years and the fact that the game is still trending even after two years since its release.

Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson has stated that the company’s leading franchises like FIFA, Battlefield and The Sims “have been expanded to more players across more platforms and geographies”. He also revealed EA’s plans for the future:

“In the year ahead, we will expand the world of play with amazing new experiences and new IP, more competition, and industry-leading subscription programs. There has never been a more exciting time to be engaging and entertaining global communities.”

After the earnings report, EA has seen a slight increase in its stock price, rising 2.4%, near 126.85 in the stock market today. As it seems, EA has managed to find a way around all the bad popularity spreading after their microtransactions “situation” last year. Since then their microtransactions plans changed – at least in the game where it was problematic – getting bad publicity off of their names.

As for Battlefield, rumor has it that EA is preparing to reveal the upcoming Battlefield 5 soon. Reportedly, there will be two titles coming to the franchise in the next two years, with one being Bad Company 3 and the other will be a Battlefield World War 2, much like Battlefield 1.

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