Rumor: Next Battlefield is Bad Company 3, Says EA DICE Dev

Bad Company 3 is the game releasing this year as part of EA’s flagship shooter series, Battlefield. The news comes from a person who is believed to be an EA DICE developer and posted on Twitter, revealing the name of 2018’s Battlefield game.

Since the Tweet, his account has gone private. It is to be noted that he was not only followed by many of EA DICE developers but also the official Battlefield account. However, a current EA DICE developer doing something like this is highly unlikely.

When developing the game there is a strict NDA in place and breaking it could lead to serious consequences. It is absurd to think that a developer would reveal a game on his Twitter account as he may end up losing his job. But since him being an employee of EA is put to the question there may not be a job to lose.

For now, it is safe to say that while Bad Company 3 may actually be the next Battlefield game, this person is not a source we should be trusting for this matter.

2016’s Battlefield 1 took us back to World War 1 and this year’s Battlefield was rumored to be set in World War 2 before we heard of Bad Company 3.

What this game is and where will it be set can’t be confirmed until EA PLAY. We are only a month away from EA PLAY that will go live on June 9. During the event, the next Battlefield will be shown to the world. The trailer for the next Battlefield is already on the chopping board being edited for EA PLAY.

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