Battlefield 5 Server Tick Rate Confirmed To Be 120 Hz On PC

When Battlefield 1 launched it featured tick rate of 60 Hz on PC and 30 Hz for consoles. However, we are now over two years in the future now and EA DICE has confirmed 120 Hz Battlefield 5 server tick rate on PC.

Recently, Battlefield multiplayer producer David Sirland took to Twitter to confirm the Battlefield 5 server tick rate. He noted that the game will feature 60 Hz server tick rate for PC and 30 Hz for consoles.

He also confirmed the 120 Hz Battlefield 5 server tick rate on PC. However, the 120 Hz server tick rate won’t be available on launch and won’t be for every game mode.

The 120Hz tick rate will be for the smaller game modes. But, the game won’t have any smaller game modes at launch and the 120 Hz Battlefield 5 server tick rate will be introduced post-launch.

Speaking of the game, DICE has also explained the Battlefield 5 bull penetration system. As the name suggests, the system will allow the bullets to go through “thin materials and deal reduced damage to opponents”.

However, the penetration and the damage depends on the weapon. Sidearms penetrate through “doors and thin assets like cloth, light vegetation, and glass”. But, SMG and shotguns have higher “better penetration values” and damage.

With the help of this system, players will suppress snipers or make them move from their position. This will definitely change the dynamics of the entire match.

While the game releases next month but, Battlefield 5 preload is available for the Xbox One users. Those who pre-ordered the game on Xbox One can download it now. However, the game’s preload for PC will start next month, November 1, 2018, to be exact.

Following the criticism from the community, DICE has backed away from unauthentic cosmetics in Battlefield V. According to fans, these cosmetics take away the authenticity of the game.

Also, following the beta feedback DICE has made some changes to the game. One of the changes includes the introduction of distance haze to improve players visibility. DICE noted that this will come into play in heavy fog.

Battlefield 5 is a first-person action shooter developed by EA DICE. The game rolls out on November 20, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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