Here Is How The Battlefield V Bullet Penetration System Works

Battlefield V is the first game in the franchise to feature buttle penetration. Now, developer EA DICE has detailed the Battlefield V Bullet Penetration System and how it will change things up.

Senior game designer Rickard Antroia detailed the Battlefield V Bullet Penetration System and how it will change the dynamics of the battle. Battlefield V Bullet penetration allows the bullets to go through “thin materials and deal reduced damage to opponents”.

The penetration and damage will depend on the weapon you are using. Sidearms are able to penetrate through “doors and thin assets like cloth, light vegetation, and glass”. SMG and shotguns have higher “better penetration values”.

Semi-Automatic, Slug, and Assault Rifles exist in their own category, also with some minor deviations. Sniper Rifle is an upgraded version of rifles and becomes the stepping stone to the fully automatic Light Machine Guns, which can break through the walls in wooden buildings and push through barricade covers.

This will allows players to suppress a sniper in its position or make him move. This will also allow players to put pressure on enemy players behind cover.

Speaking of the game, DICE’s global community manager has confirmed that the game’s roadmap will be revealed ahead of the launch. As all the DLC for Battlefield V is free it will be good for players to know what will be added to the game down the line.

Not only that, DICE is making changes to the game based on the player feedback from the beta. One of the most notable changes will be made to the death experience.

Open beta players noted that bleeding out time in the game was ridiculously long and DICE is making death a “tighter experience”. Players will now bleed out faster and the time that players spend in the “squad follow camera” is also reduced. According to DICE, this will also help medics during the game.

Furthermore, DICE has also backed away from unauthentic cosmetics in Battlefield V. DICE’s decision to take away such cosmetics comes after player criticism noting that such cosmetics take away the game’s authenticity.

Battlefield V is a first-person action shooter in development at EA DICE. The game will launch on November 20, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: DICE

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