Battlefield 5 Leveling Guide – How to Level Up Fast

With the help of our Battlefield 5 Leveling Guide, you will be able to learn all about farming some easy XP and unlocking everything in BFV.

Leveling up classes in Battlefield 5 is tied to weapons and equipment unlocks. It is fun too! Read down below on some useful and simple tips related to Battlefield 5 Leveling.

Battlefield 5 Leveling

The progression system of BFV is based around four classes: Assault, Medic, Support, and Recon, each with their own level up tree. The Level Cap for each class is set at Level 20.

It is advisable to focus on one class until you level it up in its entirety before moving onto the next one. The rewards obtained will be centered on Weapons, gear, Credits, and combat roles.

Below are some of the primary sources of earning BFV XP quick.

1. Focus on Objectives

The most important factor that will play into earning XP is your determination and commitment to the objective at hand. This could be anything from securing a set number of kills, to capturing a point or defending a location.

These will always be displayed and present on your screen. Pay special attention to these goals and focus on completing them.

2. Make Use of Fortifications

Building is a new mechanic introduced to the Battlefield series. Now players can craft bridges, put sandbags, and erect walls. Flag Points construction will yield you as much as 800 points of XP.

Couple that with the fact that you will need to build quite frequently to secure areas, create passageways, or build up areas for cover, you will be racking a whole lot of XP points in just a single round.

The recommended class for these operations is the “Support” role since players under that class can build much faster compared to the rest.

3. Choosing the Right Class

By the “right” class, we mean switching up to the role which will be required under the given situation or circumstances.

For example, when your team is on the end of the stick receiving damage and in turn heavy casualties arise, a Medic would be needed. Thus, change into this class, revive players, and help them get back on the foot to receive some decent XP.

Therefore, get on that job of throwing those bandage or med kit pouches for your teammate’s aid.

4. Utilizing a Vehicle

Vehicles are very powerful and durable in this game and can quickly change the tide of the battle. So this means, when you approach a flag capture point under the control of the enemy team, do so while riding a tank.

This will not only improve your chances of regaining control of the flag, but you will get a bunch of kills and with it some XP. Bomber Planes work really well too and put many eliminations under your belt.

5. Prioritize Conquest Mode

Since there are a lot of constantly changing objectives in BFV Conquest, there will always be a decent amount of XP attached to them.

Each time you help your team secure a flag or capture point, you will earn a little XP. Overtime, within a single round, this can be in the thousands.

6. Lead your Team to Victory

As the job of a team leader, you have an important role in switching objectives and commanding your comrades to focus on specific ones.

An active commander, who is constantly taking actions and alerting his soldiers of any advancements, will allow him to earn XP.

7. Play Long Enough!

Now this is obvious, but though the above methods are fast enough, you will still need to play quite a lot of the game before you can master all four of the classes.

With each kill performed, objective cleared and victory achieved, you will be at the face of a constant supply of XP and thus leveling up is imminent.

Dedicate your time to the game, and soon you will have your hands on those powerful shotguns and rifles!

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