Battlefield 5 Grand Operations Guide – All Days, How to Win the Final Stand

Our Battlefield 5 Grand Operations Guide covers everything you need to know about the new game mode introduced in BFV.

Battlefield 5 Grand Operations

Grand Operations is a new mode introduced in the BFV, it is similar to Operations Mode from BF1 but its split into four rounds.

If any team wins three straight rounds or wins two rounds with high margin, there will not be 4th round but if the score is 2-1 and it was a close fight, and then the 4th round will be played. For attackers, winning the first round will mean that they get the advantage in the next round.

These advantages include more Tickets/Resources. You will have to play a possible of 4 days but you can win in three stages if you dominate two out three starting days.

Day 1 – Attack

Day 1 starts with you in an airplane ready to drop in at nighttime. You can drop at the place of your liking but be sure to not delay it too much because enemies can shoot the plane down.

As an attacker; your objective is to destroy 4 points mostly Artillery or Anti-Air placements. If you manage to destroy all 4, you will get an advantage in the next round.


You pick the bombs at different spawn locations and use these bombs to destroy the objective. If you destroy at least 3 points, you will win the round. If you destroyed all 4, you get advantage into the next round.

At the start, try to spawn on top of a bomb location or at a choke point on the frontline and build fortifications accordingly. This is highly recommended!

You have to be very mobile at the start. The defending team can make fortifications and try to destroy planes with Anti-Air Guns.

Use the cover of the darkness to move fast going from one point to another, the objective is to destroy all 4 points and not get more kills.

Day 1 – Defend

As the defending team, you are tasked to protect all 4 of the placements. You spawn at one of the points; most of the time is these points are located at a decent defensive terrain.

Your objective is to hold onto these areas and stop the attackers from destroying the objectives. You will win the match if manage to hold onto 3 or more objectives.

If both teams manage to hold onto 2 points each, the round will be decided on other factors.

The defending team starts on more defended and mostly on a high round. Use that to build defensive fortifications.

As a defender, you can call in Artillery Strikes to hinder the advance of enemy forces; this is an important asset you have to use it wisely.

Try to place Anti Air as fast as possible and try to target enemy planes as much as you can. This will stop a lot of aggression from the attacker and stop them from dropping in forward lines.

During the starting phase, try to shoot enemies in the air as much as possible. Especially those who are trying to jump deep into your territory.

Day 2 and 3 – Continued Assault

Day 2 of the mode will feature one of the two modes Conquest or Frontlines. If you managed to get the advantage in the previous day, you will get more resources.

If you get Conquest, you have to capture and hold a maximum of 6 points in the game. You have a limited amount of Tickets and they are depended on your previous performance.

The enemy team holding 2 or more points will slowly start to deplete your available tickets. When both teams hold the same amount of tickets loss will stop.

If the enemy team holds all points, your Ticket loss will be very fast to the point where it might get really hard to win the match.

Day 3 of the mode will start same as Day 2 but without any advantage. You will get one of the modes Conquest or Frontline; you can also get the same game mode as Day 2.

If you get the Frontline Mode, you will have to capture all 4 objectives one by one to win the round. A point will be marked and a team having more members in its circle of influence will start to capture.

When defending, you will have to hold onto these points and stale as much as you can. When the point is captured, be sure to leave the area as soon as possible.

You are given 100 seconds to leave the area, however, if you managed to leave the area in time; your health and ammunition will replenish.

This can help you a lot in the next stage and starve off your opponent.

Day 4 – Final Stand

Day 4 will only happen if the score is 2-1 and there was no clear winner from the previous three rounds. There are a few restrictions placed on this mode that makes it very hard to play. You have no tickets available to you that mean no respawn.

You have a Battle Royale like a situation where you will have to remain inside the circle that continues to shrink. This is to prevent people to move and not camp in a fortified position. Staying outside the circle will drain your health.

The team winning this round will win everything. Since the stacks are high, you will have to be on your toes all the time.

Tips to Win Final Stand
It is recommended that you use short-range weapons as you are going closer to your enemy. Medics will be very strong in this mode and the game should always start with you having at least one Medic per squad.

More Medics are always better but remember to have enough people with short-range weapons for a good close combat. Barricading yourself is good but it will waste a lot of your valuable time that you should invest in helping your team.