Battlefield 5 has Female Character, Floods, Tornadoes, Near Future Setting [RUMOR]

According to newly surfaced rumors, Battlefield 5 is going to have dynamic weather with floods and tornadoes; female characters; US setting and military.

Since the developers are polishing up Frostbite even more now a days, we are sure that Battlefield 5 will be the most technically advanced game of the series. However, a new rumor suggests that one effect of that could be a dynamic weather you have never seen before in the first person shooter series.

The rumor, which sprung up thanks to an unknown (alleged) insider who spoke to YouTuber IceManAuz, suggests that the game is going to make good use of weather technologies, so much so that the combat system will be affected by things like tornadoes and even floods.

Those two are not the only extreme weather variations, apparently.

Moving on, the rumor also claims that Battlefield 5 is going to bring us a female character among the lead characters of the game. This is different (good different, if I might add) since mostly shooter games tend to have a male cast.

If you looking for information on the setting of the game. The insider says that it will be set in a new future North America where the politics and the government will be wrestling with a military coup.

Nothing more was detailed about the military coup specifically. However, this was said specifically about the single player campaign. The only additional information provided about the multiplayer was that it is also going to be set in North America.

Apparently, a couple of images were also shared by the same guy who claims these are WIP for some locations in California, Kansas, and Alaska. Here they are:

Past rumors about Battlefield 5 had suggested that the game will be set in WWI era while others suggested that the game was called Battlefield Armageddon.

Thanks, IceManAuz.

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