Battlefield 4 Weapons Locations Guide – All Weapon Collectibles

Battlefield 4 Weapons Locations to find all the weapon collectibles in the game to unlock achievement or trophies related to collectibles.

This guide covers all collectible, hidden weapons in Battlefield 4’s single-player campaign, and the multi-player ones unlocked through it.

There are several weapons hidden throughout the different campaign missions. You can check your progress towards collecting these hidden weapons in Battlefield 4’s stats menu.

They are displayed next to your collected Dog Tags.

There are a total of 16 of these hidden, collectible weapons in the single-player campaign. Remember, these Weapons are found only in certain parts during the campaign, and are tracked separately from the weapons you pick up off of dead soldiers.

All hidden weapons count towards your progress for achievements tied to finding collectables.

6 unique multi-player weapons can also be unlocked by progressing through Battlefield 4’s campaign. We’ll start with these multi-player weapons and their unlock requirements.

Multiplayer Weapons

  • M412 Rex – Complete the mission ‘Baku’.
  • Shank – Complete the mission ‘Kunlun Mountains’.
  • Machete – Complete the mission ‘Tashgar’.
  • QBZ-95-1 – Complete all three endings for the campaign.
  • P90 – Complete all three endings for the campaign.
  • M249 – Complete all three endings for the campaign.

Now we’ll cover the 16 hidden Weapons that can be collected in Battlefield 4’s single-player campaign. For more help on Battlefield 4, read our Field Upgrades, Dog Tags Locations and Levolution Guide.

Battlefield 4 Weapons Locations


The Baku campaign mission has three collectible Weapons:

Weapon #1 – M39 EMR
Location: After saving Irish and having the Engage mechanic explained, finish up the enemies and drop down from the balcony you’re standing in.

Climb up a collapsed balcony to your left and head straight. The M39 should be inside a locker.

Weapon #2 – MG4
Location: The MG4 can be acquired right after the sequence where your helicopter support flies in and a truck pulls up in front of you. After taking out the enemies, move over to the right side of the road. You’ll find some concrete cylinders there. The Weapon will be in one of them.

Weapon #3 – CBJ-MS
Location: The final hidden Weapon in Baku can be obtained after exiting the tunnel armed with C4. To your right will be a staircase followed by a catwalk. Continue along this path until you reach the first set of metal rafters to your left. Climb onto these and the CBJ-MS should be a few steps ahead of you.


Shanghai has two Weapons for you to collect:

Weapon #1 – QBS-09
Location: Right after going round your first corner after coming out of the elevator, you’ll be greeted by three enemies.

One of them will have moved out of a door to your left. After taking them out, go through the door on the left and keep going until the end of the hallway. The weapon will be adjacent to the lockers to your left.

Weapon #2 – RFB
Location: The second and last hidden weapon in the mission can be obtained after you return to the lobby once the VIPs have been evacuated. You’ll find the statue of a lion near the center of the lobby.

You can find the weapon directly beneath its belly.

South China Sea

South China Sea also has three collectible Weapons:

Weapon #1 – P90
Location: When searching for hatch G-46, head into the room directly opposite to it. The P90 will be on a box immediately to your right after entering the small room.

Weapon #2 – U100-MK5
Location: After the ship splits and you land on the other half, start moving to your left. You’ll see a jet blown off from the deck, opening a gap for you into a hallway. Proceed along the hallway and then take another left towards the water to find the Weapon.

Weapon #3 – SPAS-12
Location: Upon returning to the Valkyrie, head towards the hangar. You’ll find two helicopters there. The gun is in the back of the one with its back door facing the direction from which you came.


There are three more Weapons for you to collect in the Singapore campaign mission:

Weapon #1 – SCAR-H SV
Location: Before entering the tank, climb up the scaffolding on the left side of the road. Keep climbing until you hit a dead-end, and you’ll find the Weapon lying there.

Weapon #2 – M240B
Location: Proceed towards the roof of the parking garage using the east staircase, and jump on to the green crates when you see them.

Make your way to the ledge of the building next to the garage using your platforming skills to make your way through the containers and railings. Follow the ledge around the northern edge of the building, and you’ll eventually reach the hidden Weapon.

Weapon #3 – M16A4
Location: After reaching the small hangar with jets, go to the room to the left and proceed towards the far right wall of the room. You’ll find the Weapon there, leaning against the wall.

Kunlun Mountains

The Kunlun Mountains only have one hidden Weapon to collect:

Weapon #1 – 338-Recon
Location: During or after the bridge encounter, head on over to the underside of the bridge using either of the two staircases. You’ll find the 338-Recon there.


The Tashgar campaign mission has three collectible Weapons:

Weapon #1 – A-91
Location: Right at the beginning of the mission, where you fight near the downed helicopter, head into the two story building on the left. Climb up to the roof and leap onto the roof right next to it. The Weapon will be lying in the northeast corner.

Weapon #2 – M249
Location: Inside the park area, there will by a destroyed car next to a tree. The Weapon is located in between the two. The destroyed car is towards the left of the blue truck.

Weapon #3 – AEK-971
Location: After crossing Old Town via the bridge, climb up all the way to the top of the main building nearby. The Weapon will be on top of a stack boxes next to a fence. It sometimes glitches out, with only parts of it visible, so look carefully.


The last campaign mission has just Weapon to collect:

Weapon #1 – AK5C
Location: While on the ship, head to the port side opposite of where the burning rubble is. The Weapon is lying there on the ground. You can get to it after dropping down to the area next to the helicopter with the first collectible Dog Tag for Suez.

This concludes the Weapons location guide for Battlefield 4’s single-player’s campaign. For more about DICE’s shooter, check out the rest of our guides.

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